Monday, August 11, 2014

[product launch] Crème Simon Mobile Beaute Boutique

Crème Simon, the iconic French heritage skin care brand which was founded in 1860 made its entry into the skincare scene in Singapore in July, 2014. Crème Simon is the Pioneer of climate-customized skincare, the inaugural Brightening Detox range that features 12 products which are especially for our hot and humid climate.

Crème Simon was founded by Joseph Simon, a gifted young apothecary who loved to take long walks along the River Rhone. He saw the laundresses who worked hard by the river and this inspired him to seek a natural remedy to relieve their dry chapped hands.
Joseph Simon believed that skin needs are defined from where we live as Crème Simon skincare is tailored to the unique condition of the climate where the user is in.  

Crème Simon skincare products contain over 90% natural ingredients, and are free from parabens, silicones, alcohol, sulphates, phenoxyethanol and colorings.
I was at the 4-day indulgent French affair of the launch of Crème Simon. The Mobile Beaute Boutique which was at Knightsbridge, Orchard Road, and they are on the move going various place till end of this year. 

I tried out some products during the launch, and I was amazed by the scent, as they smell amazing yet they are not perfumed. They contain natural fragrance from 7 different kinds of flowers, and I simply fell in love with these French beauty products.

Crème Simon skincare offers lightweight texture that feel matte upon application, and is specifically formulated for hot summers and climates.  
The latest Brightening Detox range is designed for hot and humid climate and is well loved by many for its effective brightening results.

I was given a chance to try out 4 products from Crème Simon, and now I am sharing my thoughts on them...

Gentle Double Exfoliation Scrub (75ml, SGD68) under the Brightening Detox range - Cleanser

The natural beads contained within the gentle creamy scrub helps to refine and revitalize skin, and it is specially formatted to be non-drying. I am glad to learn that the cleansing ingredients which are used for the Gentle Double Exfoliation Scrub are safe for our skin, and I love how my skin feels clean, smooth, supple and eventually resulted a lovely fresh glow complexion after application.

Lymphatic Contouring & lifting Gel (75ml, SGD98) under the Brightening Detox range - Treatment.
This treatment helps to boost blood circulation and flush out toxins to obtain natural radiance on complexions and lifting effect, thus face and eye contours will be more defined. Lymphatic Contouring & lifting Gel turns into oils when massaged onto the face, and t transforms into a milky texture for a perfect rinse-off. It leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed without any greasy after-feel.

Restorative Light Night Moisturizer (50ml, SGD98) under the Brightening Detox range – Moisturizer

The gel-cream works through the night and with active ingredients, skin is refined and nourished without excessive richness. Apply nightly for rested and regenerated skin.

The scent is pretty fragrant, and the smell lingered on my skin every night and I feel relaxed and at ease when lying on the bed. In short, I simply love it!
I had a feeling of excitement in trying out the legendary crème behind Crème Simon, Crème Universelle, and it bears a lightweight formula, based on the original heritage crème popularized for its ability to heal acute dryness and skin irritations. This well-loved iconic remedy soothes dry skin and restores long-lasting moistures for the body, hands and feet.
Crème Universelle contains healing properties and ingredients which help to keep dry cuticles hydrated, relieves chapped lips, regenerate dry elbows / cracked heels, soothe sun-burnt skin and lastly relieves common skin irritations.

   Check out the Crème Simon website for more information about the location where the mobile store will be located next. If you are purchasing the products online, do check out your shopping cart with the discount code ‘3NCXTFP’ to receive a 10% discount and what more? Delivery is absolutely free of charge. Alternatively, you can check out the products at BHG Bishan or Soon Lee @ Haji Lane.  
In sum, the 4 products I received from Crème Simon have been showing amazing results and are definitely worth trying.

Once again, thanks so much for the kind hospitality and I love the products and the Polaroid very much...


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