Friday, August 22, 2014

Makan Journey: Tsukada Nojo (Bijin Nabe)

I met my buddies on a random weekday for an after-work dinner, and this served as our monthly gathering. Hongwei suggested going to Tsukada Nojo (Bijin Nabe) which is located at Chinatown Point. Apart from Hongwei who has been a long-time patron at this eatery place, all of us were first-timers.

Welcome onboard our makan journey, Jax!

Since we were not familiar with what to order, Hongwei took charge on the ordering job. He picked up the signature Bijin Nabe hotpot for 4-pax portion, and it comes with fresh prawns, minced chicken meatballs, Japanese beancurd, black fungus, Japanese watermelon radish, lady fingers, golden mushroom and assorted greenies. The hotpot set also come with a choice of carbo items too, and we chose egg noodles. All ingredients are carefully selected for a nourishing Bijin Nabe dining feast.
The big pot of collagen was served to us, and it looked like silky milk pudding. The friendly waitress told us that we needed to boil the collagen and it will melt into thick soup broth when heated. The collagen pudding is made of Jidori Chicken which is raised in Miyazaki, Kyushu. The chicken bones were stewed/cooked for more than 8 hours and left to cool down to form collagen pudding.

  The process for the melting took about 5 minutes, and after the soup was boiled, we put in the given ingredients and cooked them. Finally the Bijin Nabe is ready to eat, and we were all excited to dig in...

Everything in the hotpot tasted delicious. Sugoi ne! Halfway through our meal, the waitress surprised us with a dollop of seasoned seaweed sauce, ad she asked us to add a bit to the soup as to create another taste of the soup. I scooped the soup in a small cup and added the sauce in. Although, I find it tasted pretty decent but i still prefer the soup without.

The egg noodles were served last, and I love the noodles very much as it they soaked up all the flavor and goodness from the chicken broth.

We ordered two versions of Chicken Nanban which are both a Miyazaki specialty, and they were served with creamy egg mayo sauce and spicy egg mayo sauce. The fried chicken tasted great and juicy, the chunk meat went well with the egg mayo sauce.

The spicy egg mayo sauce had a pretty spicy after-taste, but we still managed to finish the chicken chunks, leaving the left-over spicy sauce on the plate when the waitress cleared it from our table.

We were all caught by surprise that the Chef in the kitchen created a new dish for us by using our left-over spicy egg mayo sauce. It was so RANDOM! The Chef spread it on petite sizes of bread and served them to us, highlighting Japan’s spirit of DO NOT WASTE FOOD! Thanks for being so thoughtful and we enjoyed the bread snacks very much.  

At the end of our meal, we were served with a complementary dessert platter with cute chicken drawings using chocolate/strawberry sauces with a word 'ARIGATO' which means ‘Thank You’ in Japanese. The dessert treat was a bite-sized mango jelly, and the flavor changes daily based on the Chef’s choice.

The damage was pretty hefty and each of us paid SGD35. Oh well, we were glad to pay for good quality and delicious food. Our gathering was a successful one as we were able to catch up with one and another enjoyed nice food together. Looking forward to our next meet-up!

I always enjoy my 'RKM' weekends with my Baby very much, and recently, we visited Paradise Dynasty at VivoCity, and this was his first time to this eatery place. We had a decent weekend dinner together. The damage was also pleasant to our pockets. 

I end my post with my OOTD which was taken at Kallang Wave Mall on National Day… My sling leather bag from La Palette, black top from Temt, Choker from Lovisa, and lastly checkered shorts and shoes from online blogshop. 

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