Friday, August 1, 2014

[Jess Baby's eats] 8 Degree Taiwanese Bistro + Sanpoutei Ramen

We revisited 8 Degree Taiwanese Bistro for our dinner on a random weekend, and it is tucked along one of the shop houses of Serangoon Road. It is also known as the 'Jay Chou Bistro' as his songs were played throughout the restaurant's opening hours.

We had our usual orders and they were the signature Stewed Pork Belly Rice, Oyster Mee Sua and Pickled Radish Egg Omelette.

This time round, we ordered something different, and that was Fish Finger with Mango Sauce.

The mango sauce tasted great and it went very well with the fish fingers.  

Baby and I had Ribena Lemon and Melon Aiyu Green Tea respectively. The damage was SGD31-ish.

After reading many reviews on Sanpoutei Ramen from the net, we decided to try it out ourselves. Sanpoutei Ramen is located at Holland Village, and with the good ramen served and as well as a nice ambience, it will be a delightful place for all ramen lovers. They are known for their Classic Shoyu Ramen which is originated from Niigata, Japan.

I had Tonkotsu Ramen with Egg, and it is served in collagen-rich pork-bone base broth that hs been simmered for hours. I love the springy noodles and flavorful soft-boiled egg.

Baby is addicted to the Japanese way of eating ramen and that is to add an additional bowl mini don, so he ordered Shoyu Ramen with Egg and Butariki Niigate Rice Mini Don. The damage was SGD40.

Recently, both Sweetie and I attended the Burberry Private Party, and we received a deluxe-size parfum vial of the all-time favorite Burberry BRIT SHEER fragrance...

Thanks Sweetie for passing me some Steam Eye Masks from Megrhythm for my forth-coming trip, as I plan to use it on the plane.

I end my post with our random ‘RKM’ weekend dinner at Central Hong Kong Café, VivoCity. They offer the local eats in Hong Kong, and I had Beef Brisket Noodles while Baby had Curry Beef Brisket with White Rice.

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