Saturday, August 16, 2014

[preview screening] Under The Dome S2 at The Screening Room

I attended the exclusive preview screening of Under The Dome S2 at The Screening Room before its premiere on RTL CBS Entertainment HD Channel on both Mio and Starhub TV. We were also given chance to watch a special recap of episodes of S1, Inside Chester's Mill before watching the first episode of S2.

This is good move as it helps those who are new to this drama to let them understand the storyline better, and at the same time, to recap upon the memories of S1 before preparing themselves for S2. Do remember to catch it on RTL CBS Entertainment HD Channel on 27/8, Wednesday, 9.55pm on Mio TV Channel 318 and Starhub TV Channel 509.

Under The Dome, is based on Stephen King's best-selling novel and it is about a small town called Chester's Mill which is sealed off from the rest of the world by an enormous transparent dome suddenly and inexplicably.

The special effects are impressive, and there are some disturbing gory scenes that are nightmarish. One of the epic effects involved an unfortunate cow that might turn you off. It is a twilight zone genre story that will entertain, frighten and stimulate the minds.

Last season ended on 'Cliffhanger', where a character named Barbie (starring Mike Vogel) had his neck in a noose waiting to be executed by Big Jim (played by Dean Norris), and in the season premiere, 'Heads Will Roll', Barbie's fate lies in Big Jim's hands and now the dome presents a new threat when it become magnetized.

I bet many viewers are excited about that return of Season 2 of Under The Dome, as people of Chester's Mill are still trapped Under The Dome. In S2, there is a huge indication of doom that the lead characters are about to be killed. The highly favored, Sheriff Linda (starring Natalie Martinez) will be meeting her demise while trying to save Barbie from the handcuffs as the dome is now attracting an electromagnetic field. It might upset some fans and viewers! *Game of Throne-Like people!*

Last but not least, I want to thank RTL CBS Entertainment for the invite, and I will continue to watch this thriller drama which will be premiering on the 3 September 2014 on RTL CBS Entertainment HD Channel on Mio TV 318 and Starhub TV 509.

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