Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Magic lessons by K -Palette

I was invited to the K-Palette Magic Beauty Workshop which was held at the BoatHouse Restaurant, Fullerton. Prior to this event, I had never been there before, and therefore I was pretty excited to check out this new dining haunt. The interior setting is cozy, and it is a nice place to impress your date as it offers great food and also a spectacular view of our renowned Marina Bay.

This event was to showcase the K-Palette latest Magic series collection which consists of 1 Day Magic 3D Palette, 1 Day Magic Fibre Mascara, 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner and 1 Day Magic Liquid Eye-glue.

Ms Miho Jinno, Makeup Artist from K-Palette flew all the way from Japan to attend the K-Palette Magic Beauty Workshop. She showed us how to make use of the products to get the best results out of them.
I witnessed the transformation through the make-up steps done by Ms Miho Jinno, and apart from doing the make-up demo, she also shared with us some beauty tips.
Each invitee was given a bag of the newly launched K-Palette products, and we were told to use the given products to try on ourselves and see the difference at the K-Palette Magic Beauty Workshop.


1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner comes with a flat-tipped brush, which make it easier to draw a thick line in a swift motion, and also allows one to draw ultra thin lines by turning it on its side. It is also water proof and sebum resistant that dries instantly and stays on skin for hours.

I Day Magic 3D Palette is a quad, and this is compact kit comes in 2 shades of blushes, 1 highlighter and a bronzer. I love the palette kit as it is pretty handy and I can bring it with me at all time for touch-up(s).

The brush is soft and glides well on my face. The pigment was good too as it lasted pretty long on my face.   

1 Day Magic Fibre Mascara
The fibers are feather light which are almost weightless on the lashes, and the final coat of the back mascara is applied over the fibres to create the effect of fake eye-lashes. Although I liked the end results, I personally found it hard to manage the white fibres and the process seemed kind of messy to me.

To be honest, I do not really know how to use the 1 Day Magic Liquid Eye-glue to create double eyelids so I will be using it as eye-lash glue for my falsies instead.
Before we started our brunch, we had our starter, SALAD D' CANARD (duck confit salad, green bean, shallot, cherry tomato).

I had Pancake with a Twist (mozzarella infused pancake, turkey ham and cheese sauce, grilled bratwurst, sauerkraut salad). This savory pancake was splendid! It was delicious and I love it very much.

Thanks so much for having me at the event, and I love the products very much, but most importantly I had fun trying out the products and shared thoughts with other fellow influential beauty experts and media people.

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