Thursday, August 14, 2014

[Cafe Hopping] Eggs and Berries + Miam Miam + happy loots

Eggs and Berries is located at Changi City Point which serves all day American-style Breakfast, and their potion is hearty and generous.

I settled there for tea and waffles for my usual RKM weekend tea time. We shared a pot of Earl Grey Tea and the signature Berries Waffles

The damage was SGD16.

My two trade managers came back from China and Bali, and I received a Mobile Stand Holder and a Homemade Natural Soap with Jasmine fragrance respectively. Thanks so much for these little gifts, as they mean so much to me...

Linda just came back from her Bangkok trip, and she got me a Duo Foam Cleanser by Garnier. I love the whitening + pores Minimizing function of this duo clean cleansing foam. Thanks ya! 

I continue my shopping desire, and I got some cute socks from a shop anmed Rare Bits, which is located at from City Link Mall. They cost SGD2 per pair! They look so kawaii!!

  Recently, I picked up 2 owl bangles from Harboufront Centre. They look great on my wrist and it goes well with my dresses...

Apart from the bangles, I also got new nail wraps for myself from Taman Mount Austin, JB, M'sia, and love them so much. I am a sucker for nail wraps... Hahahaha!!

Sweetie celebrated her 24th Birthday this year, and I brought her to Miam Miam for a celebration dinner. This was her first time to Miam Miam, and so I recommended some nice pasta as well as the the Famous French Toast, which passed off as her Birthday cake LOL. 

She ordered the Chicken Teriyaki Spaghetti with Japanese sauce/seasoning. 

As usual, I had Miam Miam Spaghetti, and I savored every bits of it.

We rounded up our night with the Famous French Toast, an all-time favorite French dessert. The toast tasted better after being drenched with a little sweet maple syrup. The damage was SGD50.

After our meal, we went shopping in Bugis Junction, and I got a crop top at SGD15 from Cotton On. We headed down to Bugis Village and both Sweetie and I got a sweet flare skirt which cost only SGD9.

I end my post with a random weekend dinner with my Baby at Eat at Taipei, Chinatown Point. I ordered Braised Pork Belly Rice and he had Vermicelli with Oysters and Intestines. The damage was SGD 28-ish.

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