Sunday, August 24, 2014

[#RunToLiveGreat Fringe Activity] Polar Training Run at Sports Hub

As a part of the #Runtolivegreat Challenge, I received an Adidas workout tee and a pair of New Balance running shoes together with my personalized training manual.

I attended my very first fringe activity, Polar Training Run at Singapore Sport Hub. Being a participant, we need to fulfill at least 2 main/mega fringe activities, as this is to help us in our training leading up to the Great Eastern Women's Run (GEWR) which will take place in 09 November 2014.

We were given a short briefing before the training commenced. The Singapore Sport Hub boosts a very nice view and ambience that perks up my sleepy Saturday morning.

We started off with a slow jog as mentioned earlier during the briefing, and there were many pit-stops along the run training, where we had to do physical exercise training like Jumping Jacks, running on the spot, Sprints, etc. It was pretty tiring to do these physical trainings together with our run training.

Before the end of our training lesson, we were given a huge water-bottle from Tupperware Eco series. And before we can drink the filtrated water that was specially prepared by Tupperware, we had to use it to do some weight exercises. Oh well, in this world, there is no pain no gain thingy LOL!

I personally prefer to run continuously rather than to do physical training, although it is a good way to train up stamina and leg muscles for my upcoming Great Eastern Women's Run. I love morning jogs as the air is fresher and jogging/running with the peers motivate me to push my limits to achieve common goal.

We ended morning training with some random selfies at the Singapore Sports Hub.

See you guys at the next fringe activity next month!

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