Thursday, August 28, 2014

[food tasting] Fatty Choo International Steamboat

Thanks for inviting me for food tasting at the newly opened restaurant, Fatty Choo International Steamboat which is located at West Coast Plaza. Weekend Steamboat Lunch Buffet started from 11.30am -3pm, and we made our way there for a mini bloggers' gathering lunch.

We were happy to get a chance to have a photo with Chef Choo, and he is very friendly and humble in person.

Fatty Choo International Steamboat opened his business in June this year by Chef Choo, Singapore's very owned Celebrity Chef. He was formerly the Executive Chef of Rendezvous Hotel Singapore, and he was known for his fruitful experience and unique cooking skills.

In the culinary industry, Chef Choo has appeared in newspapers and magazine articles.

There are 4 different types of soup base for the steamboat, and they are Chicken Soup (the safest option), Bak Kut Teh (unusual), Japanese Bonito (unique) and Tom Yum (everyone's favorite). I personally prefer Tom Yum and Japanese Bonito as my selection for the 'yuan yang' steamboat option.

Additional Japanese dried bonito flakes are added to the soup to create a deeper and richer in taste. 

Fatty Choo International Steamboat offers a wide variety of freshly handmade from the kitchen.

The selection of the steamboat ingredients are placed nicely and neatly. 

Special selections include Salmon Sashimi, Tiger Prawns and *Snow Crabs.  

*Snow Crabs are only available for dinner buffet hence we missed the chance to try them during our lunch buffet.

Like many steamboat eatery places, they provide many selections for dipping sauces to choose from.

Apart from the usual steamboat buffet, Chef Choo also whips out a sumptuous buffet spread of local dishes, such as Laksa, Rojak, BBQ Fish with Sambal, Grilled Pork Belly and Steamed Char Siew Bao and these made our dining experience more delightful to go along with the steamboat lunch buffet.

The cooked dishes tasted delicious and I love the Laksa very much. 

We rounded up our lunch buffet with some desserts. We had the all-time favorite, Durian Pengat, and this signature dessert is highly rated by many diners. 

The Durian Pengat is RICH and AWESOME!

There is an ice-cream section which serves unique flavors such as Tutti Fruitty in Rainbow Colors, Green Tea, Lemon Sherbet and etc…

We took some photos during our meal at Fatty Choo International Steamboat, and I had a pleasurable dining experience with my foodie kakis, and the quality of the ingredients and cooking methods are top-notch. It is definitely worth coming back. A highly recommend dining place for steamboat and local delights lovers.

Thank you so much for having us!

 Apart from the usual pricing, there is a special deal going right now on at

Free shuttle bus service is available to West Coast Plaza from various places. Click here for more details on the routes and timings.

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