Friday, August 15, 2014

Night at the Alive Museum

Korea's first and original 3D entertainment attraction, Alive Museum opens in Suntec City, Singapore.

I finally got a chance to visit the Korea's famous renowned 3D museum at a discounted price of 50% (literally 1-for-1 adult admission) with the aid from Jasmine, after seeing all the hilarious moments posted by my friends on FB and Instagram. Baby and I joined her and her friends to the Alive Museum.

Alive Museum is the original 3D visual illusion museum in South Korea which opened in 2009. All artworks are hand-painted and handcrafted by Alive Museum's team of talented artists from South Korea.

We girls love the feeling of being 'Under the Sea' , by being a mermaid with the special wind effect! This works by air being blown out of a machine which makes our hair fly gracefully!

Long Live Your Majesty. I am the new appointed queen, and you shall bow before me!

Baby is a good ballet dancer after-all... Aja Aja Fighting!

Signature anti-gravity lean pose by the late Michael Jackson, who perfected the move in the show 'Moonwalker' for the song 'Smooth Criminal', and it was very hard to try and emulate this iconic pose!

With the 3D painting technique, it gives the special 3D effect that I was holding Charlie Chaplin's walking stick.

Steal a kiss from Spider Man which really made my day LOL...

Love Boat (very popular among lovers)

Feel the warmth given by a noble mother

To help us to capture a perfect 3D photo, there are pose and photo points at each art exhibit. There is free wi-fi available in the museum for us to share our photos instantly on various social media platforms.  

Hollow effects freak us out!!

We took many photos as to make this trip worthwhile. Currently, there are over 80 art masterpieces at the Alive Museum which 9 contain a local theme from Singapore! By end of the year, there would be total of 104 exhibits all thanks to SG50 project.


All of us had a great time in the museum, as the 3D paintings are beautifully drawn. We took about 2 hours to complete the entire museum.

We ended our night at the museum with a group photo! Thanks so much for the 'lobang' and both Baby and I had fun at the Alive Museum.

Do create your fonding memories at Alive Museum Singapore today?

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