Saturday, June 13, 2015

A visit to HYUNDAI DREAM + Jess Baby's happenings

I was selected to join my fellow colleagues to visit and to board the container vessel HYUNDAI DREAM on a weekday morning, so all the selected participants were officially on a half day leave in the morning!

HYUNDAI DREAM is under the Europe-Bound trade route which berthed at PSA (The Port Singapore Authority), Brani Terminal. She was expected to depart from Singapore and sail back to Europe within 24hrs after calling. She is humongous! We needed to climb a 5 storeyed high steep gangway to get on-board and it was rather thrilling!
Climbing up the steep gangway was a pretty scary task for me as it started to shake when I reached the halfway point of my destination, and it applied for both going up and down the gangway! In prior to our visit, we were given a short brief on the safety measures that we needed to take note of when boarding the vessel. Each of us were given a safety gear consisting of a vest, helmet and gloves to put on before proceeding to climb up the gangway.

Upon entering the vessel, we were lead to the admin office for a short brief and we met up with some HMM vessel personnel , who gave us a short presentation on the equipment and their functions within the vessel.  
I had an eye opening experience on-boarding the HYUNDAI DREAM!
The trio of us (Meryl, Chewy and Yours Truly) were invited to the Triumph retail store for a personalised fitting session. After the session, we received the latest Maximizer Bra, Magic Wire. It gives me good cleavage even though there is no wire support. Comfort is the key word and 'gowireless' is in trend now!

Thanks Triumph for the generous giveaway!
I visited Penang for a short weekend getaway during the Vesak Day long weekend holiday. We drove up to KL, and left the car at Uncle Mike's place and Uncle Mike joined us for a weekend retreat in Penang. The driving distance from KL to Penang is approximately 3 hours.  

During our journey to Penang, we stopped by Kuala Kangsar for a toilet break, as well as to have a light meal.

We went to Penang's Hard Rock Café/Hotel for a photo-taking session, as well as to the night shopping bazaar/market which was located just next to it. I will update and share my trip to Penang in my next few posts, do stay tuned!

I love walking the long stretch of night bazaar, and I had a nice shopping experience at the night bazaar. I picked up an owl long necklace at the bazaar which cost me RM15.
I end my post with my recent haul from The Stage Walk. I bought a pair of gold patent loafers online for SGD20.90, and I am happy with my loot!
Last but not least, thanks Vi-Vien for getting me the Mobile Phone Ring Stand via Qoo10 Malaysia. 

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