Saturday, June 6, 2015

[media invite] Food tasting at IPPIN CAFE BAR

Ayumi Fujishiro left her original executive job in Japan after suffering from a temporary hearing loss, and she decided to come to Singapore to help her father set-up IPPIN CAFE BAR in October 2014.
IPPIN CAFE BAR is a hidden hangout which is located along the Mohamed Sultan Road. An unpretentious dining place for patrons who have an affectionate feeling for classic Japanese home-styled food.
IPPIN CAFE BAR has a homely and causal setting , and within the premises, there are rows of display shelves containing interesting and yummy Japanese merchandise and foodstuffs! In short, it is a concept store that offers everything there is to be from about Japanese products!
Thet are premium snacks and drinks at affordable prices!

 I tried both Yuzu and Strawberry (Ichigo) Sake, and they contain an alcoholic content of about 7%, and is about 500ml. They retail for SGD34 and SGD39 respectively for the Yuzu and Strawberry.
They can be consumed straight, or mixed with soda. for a yummier, fizzier taste. It is a tangy tropical blend without the perfume after-taste.
Their salad has no dressing, and do make use of the dressing sauces on the table to create your own dressing sauce.
I love the Nikujaga Pork & Potato Stew, as it was perfectly cooked, and I enjoyed this dish very much.
Yakisoba Set (SGD12 NETT)Yakisoba is comfort food for most Japanese people. Though, the presentation may not look appealing but it REALLY tasted good!

Oyakudon Set (SGD15 NETT) - Chicken & Egg on rice! The set also comes with Miso Soup and Houjicha Pudding (roasted green tea dessert).
In my own opinion, the rice tasted pretty yummy though it is too wet and soggy for my liking. The secret of the dish is the Dashi Stock, which is the key ingredient in this dish.

Grilled Oyster & Veggies in Ponzu Butter Sauce Set (SGD20 NETT)
The oysters are raised in the clean ocean, and they are grilled in Ponzu (Yuzu vinegar) Butter Sauce. The set comes with Barley Rice, Hatcho Miso Soup and Nikujaga Pork & Potato Stew, Salad and Houjicha Pudding (roasted green tea dessert)
This is a value set as the fresh oysters were cooked to perfection in citrus ponzu butter sauce. I savored every bit of it!
Deep Fried Oyster Set (SGD24 NETT) which was served with Barley Rice, Hatcho Miso Soup and Nikujaga Pork & Potato Stew, Salad and Houjicha Pudding (roasted green tea dessert).
I love this set best! Though the oysters were deep-fried but they did not lose their juiciness and sweetness. It tasted even better after dipping the mayo wasabi dip!

I had Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Beer Koshihikari Ale (SGD9) during the tasting, it is one of the most famous and delicious type of Japonica rice. The rice that they are using is grown back in their hometown! The taste is very light and smooth texture.

We tried all 3 types of green tea that are offered in IPPIN CAFÉ BAR, and they are Sencha, Genmaicha and Hojicha
Sencha (SGD6 NETT) – The most popular green tea selection which bears a perfect balance of refreshing aroma, delicate sweetness and mild bitterness
Genmaicha (SGD6 NETT) – This green tea is required to be brewed longer than Sen-cha. It has a stringer taste and highly nutritious.
Hojicha (SGD6 NETT) – Roasted green tea which is brown in color, and it is low in caffeine thus it is suitable for children.
 We rounded up our food tasting with Houjicha Pudding (roasted green tea dessert) and Rattsu (nuts coated with Matcha, Strawberry and Coffee)
To sum up my dining experience at IPPIN CAFE BAR, my top 3 picks are Deep Fried Oysters, Yakisoba and Rattsu. It is a nice and cosy place for gatherings and you will enjoy home-styled authentic Japanese food. We thank you for inviting us to this lovely food tasting!
18 Mohamed Sultan Road Singapore 238967
Opening hours from 11am - 11pm
Tel: 6733 4794

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