Friday, June 26, 2015

Preview Screening of Korean Movie, Twenty

'Twenty' is a light-hearted comedy movie starring Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha-Neul and Lee Jun-Ho from the group, 2PM. This movie provides a humorous perspective on the life of young adults in Korea.
'Twenty' is about the lives of 3 best friends (Chi-ho, Dong Woo and Kyung Jae) who are literally standing at the crossroad of maturity. The running time of this movie is 115 minutes.
Chi-ho (starring Kim Woo Bin) is unemployed and his priority is dating and wooing women.
Kyung Jae (played by Kang Ha-Neul) is extremely shy around girls, but completely transforms when he gets drunk. His goal is to get accepted at a corporate job. Lastly, Dong Woo (starring Lee Jun-ho) is a Happy-Go-Lucky guy whose dream is to become a cartoonist but his family goes bankrupt, so he is forced to become the breadwinner and takes on several take part-time jobs.
In short, the 3 geeky young men are struggling to find their ways in life. I love the comedic chemistry of the 3 friends! 'Twenty' is a box office hit in South Korea mainly thanks to the alluring casts! 
The funniest moment in the movie was the gang fight which actually made me laugh till I cried.

Lee Yoo Bi is no longer a pest as she is charming in this movie rather than being annoying in the Korean drama, 'Pinocchio'.

'Twenty' is a must-see movie that truthfully captures the invigorating sentiments of young adults in their twenties. This movie is not cliché as it brings back many fond memories of yester-years! I had the pleasure to watch the special preview all thanks to Clover Films. The premiere date is on the 25th June 2015.
[trailer alert] Have a pleasant viewing!

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