Thursday, June 18, 2015

[Penang short trip] Up to Penang Hill aka Bukit Bendera

This is my second family weekend getaway with Uncle Mike after Perth, Australia. We drove up to Subang Jaya on Friday after work, and Uncle Mike joined us and drove us to Penang.

 We stayed at The Peak Residences which was located at Pesiaran Halia 3 for our 2 nights stay in Penang. The unit was located on the 27th storey and we had a nice sea view from the condominium.

The place was well-furnished and spacious.

We went to Penang Hill, which is also known by the Malays as Bukit Bendera. It was used as a retreat during the British Colonial period, but it is now a popular tourist destination of Penang.

Uncle Mike got us tickets from the ground station, and the return tickets on the rail cost us RM30 per pax

The Penang Hill railway train is a one section funicular railway which climbs the Penang Hill from Air Itam (near to George Town). The railway was opened in 1923.The old railway has been replaced by a new one, and the train was very sleek and modern. It took about 15 minutes to reach the summit. The whole journey was safe and comfortable.

The temperature on the peak tends to be cooler as compared to the ground level as it is located more than 2000ft above sea level.

Penang Hill offers a panoramic view of the entire island of Penang.

I noticed that the railway tracks were pretty steep when I boarded and alighted the train.

There was a photo-taking highlight, the old funicular train display, and I took a random selfie.

We went up to Sky Terrace for some beers, and I took a photo with Grace (Uncle Mike’s maid)

We enjoyed ourselves very much at Penang Hill, and we came down to ground level after sunset.Thanks Uncle Mike for bringing us there! You have been a good host to us, and we love your company. Stay tuned for my upcoming post on Penang's local eats.

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