Wednesday, June 10, 2015

[AU holiday] Short Getaway to Perth, W.A

Although I still have 1-2 pending posts for my United States holiday, I simply can't wait to share my experience on my trip to Perth, W.A, via my humble blog! Before I blog about my Perth experience, I want to share my experience in Fremantle. I went on a getaway/trip to Perth during the long weekend holiday.
I took a midnight flight on Friday (May Day) to Perth, and the flying time to Perth is only 4hrs. We had pre-booked a driver prior to arriving, and upon reaching the airport, he picked us up and sent us to our stay which is located at Bull Creek.
We travelled to Fremantle by public bus which took us 20mins, and we took a random selfie while waiting for the bus to come.
I like being a tourist, as I am able to do random things freely, such as taking a group photo with our selfie stick, or special photo-effect photos by using fish-eye lens on the bus! We might look weird in the locals' eyes, but oh well, who cares as I am on holiday!

We alighted from the bus at Fremantle Market, and we made our way to Fremantle Fish Boat Harbour by foot which took us about 10minutes. 


We were heading for lunch at one of the best fish & chips restaurant in Perth, a restaurant called Cicerello's which was located at fishing pier at Fremantle. This place is huge and is one place nobody could possibly miss if they were walking from the city centre to the harbour!

Cicerello's bears an awesome location to enjoy the view while dining by the sea. It was autumn season, and the weather is cooling so we decided to head to the alfresco dining area outside.  
Cicerello's has a self-service system, so we ordered our food at the counter, after making our payment, we were given an electronic tag. We were allowed to choose our own seats at the restaurant, hence in short, everything is DIY! When the food was ready, the electronic tag will buzz to notify patrons that the food was ready at the food counter.
We ordered Traditional Fish & Chips (AUD14.60) and Seafood Tray (AUD21.15)
We also had Deluxe Chowder (AUD25) and Half Dozen of Fresh Oysters (AUD17.35)
Lastly, we ordered a Jumbo Seafood Platter that was meant for sharing for 2, which was stated on the menu. This platter itself cost AUD84.00! We also paid an extra AUD3.90 for 2 dipping sauces.
The total damage was AUD200 with 3 premium beers and 2 soda drinks. This meal was a treat from 4 of us (Vi-vien, Diana, Baby and Yours Truly) for Uncle Mike and Shelly.
  We concluded our Fremantle day trip with a visit to the Fremantle Market and I picked up some handmade accessories (2 rings and 1 pearl bracelet) at 3 items for AUD10.
I love the bunny ring best as I like the 2 diamonte eyes, and Mommy said that the pearl bracelet looks elegant.  




Although it was a short holiday (3D2N). I still had wonderful time there. Thanks for reading and do stay tuned for my next post on my Perth trip!

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