Thursday, June 11, 2015

[Korean Horror/Thrill] Preview Screening of The Tunnel

A few days ago, I was invited by Clover Films to the Preview Screening of 'The Tunnel', which will be premiering on the 11th June 2015.
The movie is about a young lady, Eun Joo (starring Jung Yu-Mi) who meets up with a group of friends to attend the launch party at a luxury resort. A stranger barges in and scares everybody by warning them, that  they will be cursed and will die. They ignored his advice and kill him by accident. They decided to dump the body deep within the mine tunnel where no one could ever find.
'The Tunnel' has a weak plot and tries to keep the audience on their toes by maintaining form of suspense, but I felt the show in general and the ending in particular was badly done.
 The story line was pretty odd, as there were many contradictions which don't really make sense at all. Although 'The Tunnel' is classified under the genre as Horror/Thrill, but to be honest, there is nothing genuinely horrific about it.  
I do admit that there is only 1 scene which was pretty gross and full of gore in the whole movie, but it was just an illusion of a character which was trapped inside the tunnel and lack of oxygen/high carbon dioxide  caused her to hallucinate. In the whole movie, there were no jump-scare effects at all, apart from people standing behind stalking another person.
In my opinion, 'The Tunnel' is a huge mess, in order to keep the movie entertaining, do watch it without any expectations of what a decent horror movie should be like.

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