Thursday, June 25, 2015

[product review] Bulgarian Rose Signature Natural Water

Thanks Skin Society for the delivery!
 I'm pretty open in trying new things such as new eatery places, new fashion brands, and as well as new beauty products. You will never know what benefits or good things a product will offer unless you try it and discover it yourself.
Bulgarian Rose Signature Natural Water is a gentle cleansing and toning product which is suitable for all skin types, and it maintains the pH balance of skin, and is alcohol free and contains no preservatives.
Rose is a symbol of everlasting love that will never fade over time, and it has always been symbolized as a token of love, especially for couples during special romantic occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, and most importantly Valentine's Day.
I love the simple see-through packaging, as it allows consumers to see the pure and natural rose water straight from the bottle.

 I have been using the Bulgarian Rose Signature Natural Water for about a week, and all I can say is that I really love this product. I used it as a daily toner, and I called it 'Jess Baby' instant brightening booster! The rose water helps to moisturise my face, and it is an ultimate product for me!  

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