Friday, June 19, 2015

[United States holiday] Shopping is fun in Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

Shopping is fun in New York or perhaps the whole United States as everything seems way cheaper as compared to what we pay here in Singapore. Brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, Nine West, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Aeropostale or even Tory Burch are actually affordable!
My exchange rate from SGD to USD was 1.36 back during my trip, but sadly it has dropped down to 1.34 now. However even with an exchange rate of 1.36, it is still very good deal when it comes to purchasing of our loots at the outlet mall.
Prior to this trip, Baby was the one who checked online and discovered that there is a famous outlet called the 'Woodbury Common Premium Outlets', which is located about an hour away from Manhattan (NYC). We picked up our round tickets at USD42 per person from the New York Port Authority of Terminal, which is located fairly near Broadway at Times Square. Buses travel to the outlet daily from this terminal, but we were afraid that the tickets might be sold out, so we purchased them 2 days in advance before our departures to the outlets.
Upon reaching the premises, we went to the Welcome Center to pick up the map and VIP discount booklet!
Woodbury Common Premium Outlets is a major attraction for foreign tourists who visit New York, which explains why there are so many daily tour buses and shuttles making daily trips from NYC. The outlet has 220 stores, which makes it one of the largest outlets in the world.

Before we went for shopping, we filled our stomach at the gourmet cafeterias. We shared a Steak & Cheese Sandwich, 2 large bowls of Hot soup and a can of Coke for beverage. The damage was USD24.
Tory Burch outlet was the most popular among all, and we waited/queued for 10-15 minutes to get in to the stores! The discount was around 40 to 60%.
I bought quite a number of stuffs from Kate Spade as they were having a great discount, with 50% marked down prices, with an additional 20% off the discounted price!


We reached Woodbury Common Premium Outlet at 11am and we left almost at 6pm. With such a long hours spent there, we visited most of stores, and of course spent a lot of my moolahs too! We had an early dinner at the premises before boarding the bus back to Manhattan.
Apart from shopping at the outlets mall, I went to Aeropostale, which located at JCPenney (JCP) for more haul! I picked up this lovely flowery watch at only USD13 (tax included).
My favorite loot were the pair of loafers from Steve Madden, as this pair only cost me USD19.99 (tax included). What a steal!

 We also walked to 14th Street from our hotel, and it took us about 10-15 minutes to get there. There was an open-air market, and Baby picked up a jar of strawberry jam. It was good with a natural taste!

On our last day in Manhattan before heading to Queens, we did last minutes shopping in Macy's.

We also went to the biggest Toy R'US I had ever seen, and the store was located deep within the heart of Times Square. It was huge, with a vast collection and selection of toys.

 We had sandwiches for lunch at Lenny's 

Our hauls of bag galore from my trip to NY!
Our return flight back to Singapore was departing at around 12plus in the afternoon on our final day, which means that we needed to be at the airport 2 hours before flight departure. As the journey from Manhattan to JFK Airport takes about an hour, we were afraid of oversleeping/traffic jams, so we decided to check out from our hotel, The Avalon a day earlier, and took a shuttle transfer JFK Airport, which we had got online.
Upon reaching the airport, we took a cab to Comfort Inn JFK which was only 5 minutes away from the airport. We were shocked that the cab fare was USD15 (tip included) for such a short distance!
It was almost dinner time when we reached Comfort Inn JFK, so we ordered spaghetti and soup via delivery and it was surprisingly cheaper than what we used to pay for in Manhattan! Oh well, the cost of living in Manhattan is general higher than Queens, I supposed.
Breakfast was included in our stay which cost us USD109 nett. We headed to the airport after our brekkie. The hotel provided complimentary airport transfer for their in-house guests.

Between just the two of us, we had a total of 5 pieces of baggage, which is why we needed to take cab from the airport to the Comfort Inn JFK the night before. We had a hearty time shopping and touring around New York City. Till we meet again, NY!

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