Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bugis+: Coco Ichbanya and Kungfu Paradise

Baby and I decided to pop by Bugis+ (the mall formerly, Iluma), after our work... Evensince the reopening by CapitaLand, it seems like it is way better now, and most importantly diners and shoppers have more things to look forward to. That is a GOOD SIGN!! Way to go Bugis+.

 Japanese Curry House, CoCo ICHIBANYA offers the largest variety of 34 kinds of Japanese curry dishes and 30 varieties of toppings

The 'DIY' boosts up the popularity of this restaurant, and it is fuss-free...

Simply follow the 4 easy steps,

1. Choose the Curry. Select the curry from the menu.

2. Select the Rice Portion

3. Level of Spice (Level 1 to to Level 5)

4. Select of Toppings

With this customization menu, it fits everybody's requirements, but then again, you have to pay for what you have ask for.  

If you are are cutting down on carbohydrates, you can reduce the rice portion by 100g from the standard size and get a $1 off.

I had Salmon Croquette Curry, with standard rice portion (250g) and an additional topping of Sausages, I chose my spice level as Medium Hot for my curry... The rich curry sauce tasted marvellous, that explains why CoCo ICHIBANYA is known as 'King of Curry'.

Baby had Pork Cutlet Curry, with standard rice portion (250g) and an additional topping of Ika, he chose his spice level as Hot for his curry... The exterior of the pork cutlet looked pretty good with its crispy bread-crumbed shell and it provided a crunchy bite and the meat was tender. The 'Hot' version tasted pretty alright for my tastebuds too, and there is not much difference between the 'Hot' and the 'Medium Hot' level.

The damage was SGD 31-ish (after 10% discount for Bugis+'s opening promotion) Coco Ichibanya offers an affordable prices and the staff were friendly and helpful too, but the most important factor was that the serving time was short. It is a pretty good choice for a quick meal.


Kungfu Paradise is a casual dining hangout for the young or young-at-heart and it was newly opened in Bugis+, this cosy cafe opens till 3am on weekends...

Kungfu Paradise is a cafe where East meets West, and it offers Hong Kong cuisine (dim sum, rice and noodles) and popular Western picks (pasta, sandwiches and toast).

Baby had Knotty Noodles with Beef (soup)

I had Knotty Noodles with Fish Cutlet (dry)

The Kungfu Burger, called the 'Bumger' was delicious, and I found myself craving for more.

Lastly, our last side dish, nick named 'Side Kick' at the cafe was Shrimp Paste Chicken... Tasted alright, the chicken mid-joints were pretty well-marinated but however the shrimp paste smell was not over-whelming.

The damage was SGD31-ish too. I have completed two food haunts in Bugis+, will try the BonChon Chicken, the Korean-style fried chicken.

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