Monday, June 11, 2012

Gala Premiere of Piranha 3DD

Thanks for the invite to the Gala Premiere of ‘Piranha 3DD'... This 2012 movie is a horror-comedy film and sequel to the 2010 film, 'Piranha 3D'.

~ Posters of 'Piranha 3DD' ~

As compared to the 'Piranha 3D', this movie has much lesser horror and gore contents, but however this film tries to inject too much comedy by adding numerous sex jokes which I think is pretty boring and they are flat. Totally no climax at all to look forward for this movie. The plot is very thin, and the characters are very lifeless and serves no purpose to the film at all.


Well, this is a hugh disappointment. I really enjoyed the 2010's remake of 'Piranha 3D', so I was really looking forward to this sequel. The set up of the film is relatively straight forward and it was horrific first and foremost but increasingly became hilarious and this sequel has messed up the whole vibe of the first film. 'Piranha 3DD' tried to enhance the comedy, by having David Hasselhoff in a cameo role featuring David Hasselhoff as himself but it was ultimately still flat. 

The film only runs about 70mins (very short) followed by 15mins of credits that include tons of lame bloopers, deleted scenes and alot of Hasselhoff posing shoots. I FELT CHEATED!! Oh well, just don't take the film seriously, simply enjoy the jokes and have a good laugh, if you really need to catch this movie but I would reccomend you just watch the 2010's remake, 'Piranha 3D' or the original 'Piranha'.

I had the pleasure of watching the Gala Premiere all thanks to Terence. The premiere date is on the 14 June 2012.

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