Friday, June 1, 2012

Dinner @ Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, Marriott Hotel Singapore

I had a wonderful dinner at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, which is located at the third level of The Marriott Hotel, Singapore with my Baby. They serve authentic Cantonese cuisine.

 The setting of the eatery house is pretty oriental and the ambience was good for a casual family/friends gathering meal or business dinner. The staff was attentive and polite to all diners and that made us feel appreciated by them as their customers.

 We ordered a pot of Pu’er which allows multi-refills... The tea has a standard taste which you can find at other Chinese Restaurants, but however the service rendered to us at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant is what makes a difference.

 We are soup lovers, so it a MUST for us to have a bowl of broth to ourselves. Baby ordered a bowl of Beef Broth for himself.

 I had Hot and Sour Broth. It was really spicy and the sour taste perked up my appetite. I enjoyed the soup very much.

The Almond Spare Ribs with Orange Sauce were excellent, each meat is well marinated and tasted juicy. The orange sauce doesn't bear an over-powering orangey taste, and in fact, it gave a better overall taste to the dish.   

Both Baby and I savored every bit of this dish, Beancurd with Crabmeat, as it was not a sinful dish. We are not guilty to feed ourselves with large portions of beancurd. 

Lastly, we ordered the signature, Olive Fried Rice. It tasted awesome without any hint of oiliness. So yummy. Ahh, I like the 'wok Hei'. Thumbs up!

I enjoyed my dinner very much, and I will gear up my engine with great food and accept for more challenges in the near future. Life's good, indeed!!

The damage was affordable all thanks to Marriott Gold which allows us to enjoy 50% from the À la carte menu.

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