Tuesday, June 12, 2012

(NEA) Eco Music Challenge Showcase

Eco Music Challenge is an online song-writing competition organised by the National Environment Agency (NEA) for talented and passionate individuals to express their appreciation and support for a cleaner, greener Singapore through music...

This year, they are running the third season of Eco Music Challenge after the great success experienced during the last 2 seasons in 2010 and 2011... If you have a passion for music or singing, do take part in the Eco Music Challenge and show some love to Mother Earth. A clean and green world begins with YOU!! I am sure that it will be a definite breakthrough challenge to create the awareness to the public on the need to spread our love on mother nature...

Upon stepping in The Merry Men, located at Robertson Quay, I was greeted by a big tree illustration on the wall, and it gave me a feeling close to nature, which therefore explains why it is being chosen as the venue with a the natural theme environment. A truly eco-friendly and relaxing gathering place to chill-out with friends...

My friends and I were invited to the Eco Music Challenge Showcase... A back to basic eco acoustic performances - UNPLUGGED and LIVE!!

The respone was pretty good and the crowd was over-whelming too... Back for the third year, our passion for music and our enthusiasm in keeping our future greener and better never seemed to be decreasing. Thumbs up for all the people in the house!!

Nothing beats having good friends around, enjoying yummy refreshments while listening to great music and awesome performances...

Our drink on the house - Black Forest Mojito

I enjoyed my chilling and refreshing Black Forest Mojito cocktail

French Fries in a mash-tin was served to each table...

A mini buffet was available in the premises for us to savour them...

The host of the night

Clement Chow, one of the judges of this year's Eco Music Challenge made his appearance during the showcase to share his thoughts about the upcoming competition...

He shared his song-writing tips with us too...

Jack Lim will be joining Clement Chow as one of the panel of judges for Eco Music Challenge 2012.

The first performance was by Haramain Osman, 3rd Runner-up of Eco Music Challenge 2011

Jack Ho from Jack & Rai, he is also one of the judges of Eco Music Challenge 2012

During the music showcase, Jack Ho changed the song lyrics to suit the eco theme, he was pretty skilful when doing that. He is a one of Singapore's most talented and has potential as a singer-songwriter.

Kudos to him, as he inspired me in writing a song too, and the lyrics will be based on my own thoughts on some things in life in general..

Through this music showcase, we got our chance to meet up Nathan Hartono, the new ambassador of Eco Music Challenge 2012. He is a Jazz heartthrob and pretty cool guy in general. He sang for us some of his self-composed songs, and it was a pleasure hearing him singing LIVE in the music showcase.

He shared his song-writing inspiration and green tips with us.

Special guest performance from Ryan from Juz-B

And also performance by Judah Lyne, 4th Runner-up of Eco Music Challenge 2011

Lastly, a good welcome for Darren Lee & Yap Rei Horng, 2nd Runner-up of Eco Music Challenge 2011... I love their winning song - 早安你好!

My review on this song: 'I love the combination of bilingual lyrics in this song, which really makes it feel that it's a home-grown song. Catchy tunes with a nice music groove that will linger with me for sometime after listening'

After listening to Nathan, Jack and all singing LIVE and sharing their song-writing and eco tips, it gave me the heart to start listening more eco songs and get more inspiration to write my own eco music (:

There are 3 categories - Open (Everyone), Primary School (7-12 years old) and Secondary School (13-16 years old). This is great for encouraging younger musicians to take part and showcase their talent. Eco Music Challenge 2012 is definitely your route to fame, gigs, fans and more!

In addition, simply listen online and vote for contest song submissions that have already been received, and stand to win a Sony Walkman E463. Do show your support and vote for your favourite Eco Song!

Log in to the official website: http://nea.ecomusic.sg/ for more details about the music challenge and of course if you need to additional information, simply drop them an e-mail: nea.ecomusic@aux.com.sg.

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