Monday, June 18, 2012

[CLOSED] Giveaway: Hydrate your skin with Water Bank Essential Kit

Thanks for sharing your skincare regime! The giveaway contest is now closed. Winners will be notified via email in the next 3 days.

As I mentioned before, Fret not, if you are not one of the lucky 8 people who got to win the set, I will be preparing a mystery gift to one lucky participant. Now I will be giving away 3 gifts instead of 1 due to all the wonderful write-up contributed by all of you, so stay tuned on my blog as I will be revealing the 3 lucky participants who win the mystery gifts...
Lastly, I sincerely thank all of you for taking part on the babylingrkm’s giveaway, do follow me in twitter (dipmecocoa) and stay tuned for my next giveaway.


I have discovered the goodness of Laneige Water Bank range through my pampering facial treat last week at Laneige boutique store in JCube. Read here for my experience.

Now the good people from Laneige are giving you an opportunity to try out this fabulous Water bank Series.

Here's your chance to win the Laneige Water Bank Essential Kit, simply comment on this blog post with your name, email address and share your skincare regime to participate.

The contest will run from now till 17 June 2012. Open to people living in Singapore only. The best 8 skincare regime shared comments will be awarded the Laneige Water Bank Essential Kit. Winners will be contacted via email address.

Fret not, if you are not one of the lucky 8 people who get to win the set, as I will be preparing an additional mystery gift for one of the participants as a special prize.

Meantime, while waiting for the results to be announced, you can redeem your 3-day supply of Laneige samples by clicking on the below picture. Last day of the redemption for the samples will be on the 21 June 2012.


Anonymous said...

Name : Yi Zhen
Email :
Skin care regime :
For everyday - cleanse> toner> reduce spots serum> moisturiser > pore minimiser > eye gel > sunblock
Once to twice a week - scrub and mask

Ou Jia Min Clara said...

Ou Jia Min

Wash Vitamin E Cream Cleanser

Apply Vitamin E Hydrating Toner
Apply Vitamin E SPF 15 Moisture

Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream
(apply during night time during sleeping)

For Eyes:Vitamin E Eye Cream
Lastly Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Mask

But most important drink more water and apply spf during outdoor and get sufficient sleep of 8hours .

Elaine said...


I love this giveaway as I have been wanting to get hold of this fabulous kit for my dull and dry skin.

Name: Elaine Chang

Email address:

My humble Skincare regime: To keep my face looking as youthful as possible, I need to properly cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize my skin while never leaving the house without at least 30 SPF sunscreen.

Cleansing - Find a good cleanser that my skin responds well to, and stick with it. I choose only a creamy cleanser for my dry skin.

Exfoliating - I use a facial scrub weekly to exfoliate my skin

Moisturize - As I have dry skin, I invest in a basic moisturizer

Apply sunscreen - The #1 cause of wrinkles is sun damage, so it's important to use a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF from my early years on even cloudy days.

Hope to be one of the lucky 8 to win the Laneige Water Bank Essential Kit!

Anonymous said...

Name: Grace

My skincare regime:
Morning: Cleanse with foaming wash, Softening Lotion, Hydrating Serum, Eye Gel, Moisturizer, Face Shaping Cream + Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++

Mid-day: Hydrating Facial Mist

Night: Remove Makeup, Cleanse with Oil Cleanser, Toner, Whitening Serum, Eye Cream, Vitamin C Powder, Face Shaping Cream, Anti-Aging Night Cream + Sleeping Mask before I sleep

Every Alternate Day: Sheet Facial Mask depending on skin condition of that day

Thrice Weekly: Exfoliate with Peeling Gel

Weekly: Deep Cleansing Clay Mask + Deep Hydrating Moisture Mask

Monthly: Facial Massage + Treatment

Tedious huh? hehe (:

Anonymous said...

Name: Kaori

My simple skin care regime:
1. Cleanse (using a mild facial wash with moisturising properties)
2. Tone (using a toner with Witch Hazel- a surefire way to keep my skin acne-free)
3. Moisturize (using a moisturizer that whitens dark spots and also contains SPF to protect me from the sun)
4. I make it a point to have a healthy, balanced diet so that my skin can regenerate and stay its best.
5. I drink TONS of water!

Hope I win this giveaway! :)

Anonymous said...


What a lovely giveaway on one of my favorite brand :)

Anyway, my skincare is relatively fuss-free: exfoliate, cleanse, tone and hydrate. Sun protection is of course a must and does applying of BB cream counts too? It is in fact my sunscreen, makeup base, foundation and everything else while I am pressed for time.
Also, Laneige Sleeping Pack at night too. Oh, another thing that that I can’t live without is masks! Lots of it and any brand goes, like those SexyLook, LoveMore that you have reviewed is doing fine for me.

That’s it! Thanks babe, TGIF


Anonymous said...

Hey Jessie,

Thanks for organizing this giveaway. :)

My skin care regime is just using cleanser, toner and night cream for the night. Day cream and Sun protection in the day. Too lazy to use make up so no make up. haha.

Once in awhile i will do facial mask when i am free.

Have a nice weekend.

Yu Fan

Erlina Husada said...

Wow! what a nice giveaway! hope to win this :)

Name: Erlina Husada
skin care regime:

Everyday morning and night:
1. cleanser (physiogel Cleanser works wonder!)
2. toner (i use garnier, love the clean feeling afterwards)
3. SK II facial essence (a drop or two for the extra tighten feel!)
4. moisturiser (also garnier)
5. sun screen spf 50 (avene, because you can never go too careful!)
6. for night time, i try to use the Laneige water sleeping pack, once every week, especially when i feel that my skin is very dry!)

then only use mineral makeups so my skin can still breathe.
every once a week, do a mask, just to refresh the skin.

also, for me, lemon is a magic fruit! it makes a good natural mask (whiten dark spots, remove blackheads, tightening skin; i drank it everyday to detox ;D)

there goes 1 hour of everyday to make our skin better! :)

Wendy said...

Name : Wendy Lee
Email address:
To me, a complete skincare regime will include the following:

Daily basic skincare regime:
Cleanse - Cleanse with makeup remover first then follow by foaming/cream cleanser.

Tone - Use a more hydrating/ refreshing vitamin E toner to remove excess impurities and better absorbtion for next step.

Moisturise - Hydrating essence, eye cream then follow by nourishing day/ night cream.

Sunblock - light-weight & oil-free texture with at least SPF 30 for UVA&UVB rays.

Makeup - light-weight BB cream follow by finishing/ oil blotting face powder.

Twice weekly basic skincare regime: Scrub/Exfoliator, masks

Scrub/Exfoliator: Use (beading gel)/Peeling milk to remove dead skincells otherwise use with fine microbeads.

Masks: Hydrating sleeping mask/paper mask and Purifying mask

Last but not least:

Healthcare regime: Drink plenty of water, Eat moderately with fruits & vegetables, Exercise regularly, Sufficient of sleep, Stay happy and Enjoy life =)

Grace Tan said...

Awesome giveaway, thanks Jessie !!!

Name: Grace Tan

My skincare regime


Cleanse: I clean my face twice a day, preferably with warm water first, then with cold water to close up the pores.

Tone: For better results, use a cotton pad.

Moisturise: Be generous!

Sun protection: I never leave home without applying sunscreen with at least SPF 30, as the sun, with all its life-giving properties, can cause a lot of premature damage to our skin. I also use generous amounts of sunscreen (about 20-cent size, but dependent on size of one's face too) as a lot of people are underprotected due to the inadequate amounts of sunscreen used.


Mask: Remember to remove/ wash off after the required time stated!

Exfoliator: Be gentle, as a lot of people have the misconception that the harder you rub, the better it is. In fact, rubbing too hard can lead to premature growing of wrinkles!

coldkohmew said...

Name : Koh Jun Jie Jason
Email :
Skin care regime : Morning,wash,tone,day cream,sunblock,moisturiser.Break,moisturiser and more sunblock.Night,wash,tone,night cream,moisturiser.Every 2-3 days,scrub,mask,eat collagen tonics

Sheryl Chan said...

Name: Chan Poh Ching

My simple skin care routine:

a) Morning routine
- cleansing foam
- Serum with SPF
- Moisturiser with SPF
- Sunblock

b) Night routine
- cleansing oil
- Cleansing foam
- Night serum
- Night moisteriser

c) Monthly facia

Valerie said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

Name: Valerie Heng

My skincare regime:

1. Cleanser to remove the dirt and excess oil
2. Exfoliator to improve surface texture and illuminate skin
3. Toner to remove excess dirt that cleansers leave behind
4. Moisturizer to enhanc4 skin barrier through hydration
5. Sunblock of at least 30 SPF to protect our face against harmful UV rays

Night Care

1. Makeup remover
2. Cleanser
3. Toner
4. Eye cream to replenish the skin and reduce dark circles
5. Moisturizer to soothe and rejuvenate the skin

Weekly routine: Mask

Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Name: Wanying

For face:
Cleanse with gentle foaming wash for intolerant skin
Clear C Effector on alternate days
Eye gel
Balancing Emulsion/Softener on alternate days
Hydrating essence on cheeks
Pore trouble spot essence on T-zone
Pimple cream (for spots)
Thermal water mist spray

For neck:
Toner > Hydrating essence > Moisturiser

Remove sunblock
Hydrating toner
Hydrating Essence
Pimple cream
Hydrating moisturiser
Eye night jelly

Once a week:
Kose mask white
Twice weekly:
Whitening/Hydrating masks

Anonymous said...

Name: Christine Sim


My daily skin care regime is as follows: -

Morning: Cleanse with foaming gel, apply toner, apply serum, apply moisturiser, apply eye cream, apply SPF 50 sunblock

Night: Cleanse with foaming gel, apply toner, apply night serum, apply hydrating moisturiser, apply eye gel with collagen

I will exfoliate my skin twice a week using microbead scrub and also apply mask.

Thanks for the wonderful giveaway

Ruiting said...

Name: Ruiting
Skin care regime:
1) Cleanse
2) Scrub / Mask (once per week or when I can rmb/bother to do it. haha.)
3) Tone
4) Moisturize

Joanne said...

Name: Joanne Koh

Skin care regimes:
1) cleanse, exfoliate weekly, apply hydrating or forming mask weekly
2) eat an apple a day
3) apply sunblock everyday before u step out of the hus!

Anonymous said...

Name : Daphne

Email :

Skincare Morn : gel cleanser, toner ,BB Cream with moisturiserand SPF.

Skincare Night : Cleasning oil, gel cleasner, toner, moisturiser

Weekly : scrub exfoliate twice a week

Anonymous said...

Name: Mei-An

Skincare Regime:

Morning - Cleanser, toner, essence, eye cream, moisturisor, sunblock.

Mid-day - tap as an with sun powder with spf

Night - Makeup remover, cleanser, toner, serum, moistursor.

Once a week - exfloliating cleanser and mask face.

Plus, beauty rest of 8 hrs, fruits, vegetables and a glass of goat's milk morning and before bed. <3

supersarahhh said...

Name: Sarah
Skincare regime:

Everyday: Cleanse, tone, pore minimizer, moisturizer, sunblock

Weekly: Exfoilate, pore care strips, cleansing mask, hydrating mask, tone, moisturizer.

Yeo Terence said...

Name: Yeo Terence
Email address: ty55662003 [@]

For me, as a guy, my daily skincare regime is as follows:

1. Cleanse - I would use Garnier Men TurboLight Oil Control to cleanse my skin anc clear away the excess oil on my face.

2. Tone - I would the Body Shop Tea Tree Toner to remove other impurities for a clearer looking skin.

3. Moisturize - I would use the Laneige Homme Balancing Lotion (Moisturiser) to ensure that my skin still retains the required amount of moisture, and it is not too dry.

4. Treatment - I would also apply pimple creams to remove acne and pimples that are on my face.

5. Treat - I would also treat my skin to masks and facial treatment so as to ensure that my skin is in tip-top condition when I head out for events! :)

When I do head out to sunny places, such as the beach, or having outdoor activities, I would apply sunblock lotion from Sunplay Super Block to ensure that my skin is protected against UV Sunrays. I also heard that it would reduce fine lines and wrinkles, so I wouldn't look old. :X

Most importantly, to ensure that my skin is in the tip top condition, I would try to avoid fried stuffs and have a balanced diet. In addition, sufficient sleep and drinking lots of water does help too! :D

Hpility said...

Name: Hong Peng

My skincare regime experience:
1. Making me look much more younger and cuter when apply the moisturiser, cleanse and Sleeping Mask weekly and daily!

2. Boost up my confidence when meeting my client and friends.