Friday, June 29, 2012

Clique's gathering @ Bugis

Finally weekends are coming, all working adults like myself, Sweetie and Linda are always looking forward to the weekends... Even Terence who is now working part-time while waiting for his enlisting into the army, feels the same way too. He told me that he prefers studying to working. Oh well, stepping into the working society is one of the stages in life... HP has the same thinking too, as he has learnt to value of weekends after his 2-month plus internship. As for William, he is a full-time blogger, own time own target.

We arranged for a get-together 'makan' gathering at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng @ Bugis Junction on a random Friday evening...  

Linda, Terence and Sweetie took a shot together, while waiting for their food to be served. We simply love our gathering, as during our date, we chatted about everything under the sun, and it was a wonderful meet-up!!

William's drink - Lemonade with Sour Plum. Gosh! It looks like a red lantern. Hahaha!!

William and I took a picture together with our drinks... I had Hong Kong Style Milk Tea aka ‘Silk Stocking’ Milk Tea.

Terence had Black Pepper Pork Chop with White Rice...

Sweetie and HP had the same entree for their dinner, Bacon and Cream Spaghetti

I had Honey Chicken with Mixed Vegetables and Rice.

Linda had Soupy Noodles with Honey Spare Ribs.

William had Cheesy Seafood Baked Rice.

the shared side dish (as in 1 piece for each person) that we had were Bacon Rolls. The rolls tasted awesome-ly delicious, to the point that I found myself asking for more, 1 piece is REALLY not enough to satisfy my craving.

The damage was SGD20 per person. I simply love this harmonious feeling with one another. Truly eaten and well spent!!

After our dinner, we headed down to Liang Seah Street for some happy hour. We went to Beaver's Pub and Grill, recommended by William.

All of us ordered a pint of Stella Artois each, it reminded me my days in London and Paris with Baby, as we had beer amost everyday and to go along with our meal, the laid-back feeling was simply marvellous.

How can I possibly not cam-whore with Sweetie when we meet up with each other?

William ordered some finger food for us to share among ourselves...

The Buffalo Wings were too hot to handle, the spice-ness really gave our taste buds a REAL shock.  

Potato Skins with Cheese tasted alright, but the cheese smell was pretty too over-powering. Thanks William for the generous treat for all of us!! A big 'Arigato' to you (:

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