Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Music Fest @ Changi City Point Arena

I attended the Summer Music Fest (夏日音乐趴), presented by Mediacorp Radio Station,Y.E.S.93.3FM , it included locals and Taiwanese singers to perform at Changi City point Arena.

We were amazed by the number of people attending this outdoor music showcase, Summer Music Fest.

The crowd was over-whelming... All of them came pretty early, to ensure that they grabbed a good seat in order to enjoy the performance by their idols..

As usual, Sweetie and I were cam-whoring while waiting for the performance to kick off...

 F&N Fruit Tree Fresh - Apple & Aloe Vera keeps me hydrated throughout the whole outdoor event...

The opening act was from MICappella 人声乐团... The performance was pretty uniformed when they were singing. A great start for all the audience, as their a cappella was awesome!

They sang 2 songs, Singderella & Oh Yeah!

Cheryl Wee 黄馨慧 is our local next rising star...

She sang us 2 lovely songs too, 爱疯旅行 &  一首月亮的歌

Ming Bridges 乔毓明 is a pretty good singer who has potential and she has clear vocals but most importantly, she is diligent in improving her Chinese (hats off to her)...

Her two songs,  马赛克世界 & 有些男孩不能爱 which were sung during the event.

The Freshman 插班生 is a duo group that has to the homeland from Taiwan recently and released their new album, 眼镜蒙蒙的. As compared to their previous album, there is a great change in their singing. The new album is more matured as age is a number that makes people think differently.

I love their new songs, 小动作 & 眼镜蒙蒙的.

They had a short interaction regarding their newly released album with the hosts of the night, Jia Fa and Pei Fen

Our most talent singer, Olivia Ong 王俪婷

She performanced 4 songs during the event, 海枯石烂, 幸福记号, Ready For Love & 要你管

Y.E.S.93.3FM took this opportunity to release the news to the audience that Olivia Ong has been selected to be the ambasssdor for the forth-coming 第12届 - 全球华语歌曲排行榜 which will be held in November.

We witnessed Olivia Ong honoring her position as the ambassdor by putting her signature on the poster.

It was a happy occasion for her. She is indeed the best spokeperson, thumbs up!!

The intensity of the event is turning up, as the Taiwanese stars were gradually up on stage to perform their songs for us... Fans, are you guys ready for their AWESOME performance.

*Scream* for Anthony Neely 倪安东, his throat was not feeling well that night, but he showed his professional side and managed to finish 3 songs for his die-hard fans. He is indeed a responsible singer.

Enjoy the short music video, 让我爱她 from Anthony Neely.


Apart from 让我爱她, he also sang 一觉醒来 & 散场的拥抱.

It's been a very long time, Freya Lim 林凡 finally came to Singapore... I was so eager to watch her singing "LIVE' on stage.

A short music video! *Happy viewing*


She sangs 3 songs, 痛痒, 睡在一起的知己 & 重伤... OM! I love her songs very much, her sweet voice can soothen and calm one's sense.

Everybody is excited for the finale performance as Alien Huang 黄鸿升 is going to be on stage and he will be performing 4 songs, 漩涡, 黑心, 涩谷 & 不屑.

Everyone's favorite singer/host/actor, Alien Huang.

I love the way, he interacted with his fans, he is so skillful and professional... There isn't any moment of silence, as he brought the atmostsphere to the highest level.


To all the Alien Huang's fans out there, he ROXS!!


 Supporters and fans of Alien Huang was singing along with him...

Alien Huang did a fantastic closing for Summer Music Fest. He is indeed amazing!! 

Thanks F&N Fruit Tree Fresh for invite to Summer Music Fest (夏日音乐趴) and I had a wonderful time there!!

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