Friday, June 15, 2012

Kiehl's Dream Team Bloggers Event

I was invited to the Kiehl's Dream Team Bloggers Event and I had a great time there...

The event was held at a cafe called the Social Haus, and the exterior of the cafe-like eatery place looks pretty simple but it emits a touch of classy-ness...

I love the logo (dialogue) very much that I couldn't resist myself from taking a photo against it.

I came with Sweetie, William and his friend, and we did our usual cam-whore before entering the premises...

The ambiance of Social Haus is fabulous, with dim lighting, making the whole atmosphere feel cosy and it eases one's mood.

Awesome Kiehl's Dream Team -

Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Midnight Recovery Eye

Midnight Recovery Concentrate is specially formulated to reinforce the skin during peak recovery, which occurs throughout the night between the hours 12-4am. It is blended with natural botanical oils which include Evening Primrose and essential oils added for therapeutic and antioxidant effects. This product work swell with the skin‘s naturally nocturnal activity to restore skin overnight.

Kiehl’s has received numerous testimonials about the benefits of this unique formulation which includes helping to heal burns! Midnight Recovery Concentrate has been awarded as ‘Best in Beauty’ US Fitness as the ‘Best Night Treatment’. With the award winning formula, Kiehl’s is humble to be recognized by top editors around the worlds and celebrities like Jordan Sparks, Uma Thurman and Chloe Sevigny love it too.

With the successful launching of Midnight Recovery Concentrate in 2010, this 99.8% naturally derived botanical elixir is still the leading customers’ favorite. Kiehl’s launched its ideal companion, Midnight Recovery Eye a year later. It will help to achieve fresher, younger looking eyes by morning by diminishing puffiness and fine lines and even wrinkles.

Midnight Recovery Eye is specially formulated to reduce puffiness and strengthen the delicate eye area overnight. A night regime is recommended as our skin’s energy is used to protect itself during the day, and this will result lesser energy left on repairing our skin. Our primary activity of our skin during the night is sleeping as it will heal by itself as the skin around the eye area are not exposed to sun rays or damaging free radicals.

I was eager to learn and understand more about Kiehl's night skincare, the Dream Team through the presentation.

They had an unique setting for the party, the aptly styled 'bedtime' and Kiehl's personnel decorated the setting to showcase the bedroom... Aww!! I'm so sleepy, and I feel like turning in now... Ooh! I felt so relaxed.

Look! Jess Baby in pyjamas (:

Good night, Sweetie and everyone!!

Upon entering the premises, I was greeted by this nice drawing...

Awesome illustration by the Kiehl's boys, Martin and Jeremy

Say hi to the Kiehl's boys... They were in their pyjamas too!!

I was welcomed by the Kiehl's personnel and of course the Kiehl's boys, and we took a lot of pictures against the colorful black-board and Mr Bones... Beware of photos galore!!

~ The presentation by Ms Syek Yi ~

I have decided to add Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Midnight Recovery Eye into my night skincare regime after hearing the goodness of the Dream Team...

Canapés were served during the whole event...

There were a set of Dream Team, Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Midnight Recovery Eye testers on each table for us to try on our hands...

William and I were totally into learning more about the products...

I tried out the two products on my hand... I love the calming soothing scent!!

Kiehl's prepared a tea session for all bloggers in the house where we were given a chance to taste the finest tea leaves and we got to make teabags of our choice and bring them home too...


There were only three type of teas (Lavender, Rose and Chamomile) to choose from... I personally prefer the Rose Tea and I am a 100% tea lover (:

Kiehl's prepared a draw-string eco bag to put our teabags and they are the sweetest people that I ever met.

I took home the three different of tea leaves (Lavender, Rose and Chamomile) that were available during the event...

Next segment, we designed our hugging pillows (provided by Kiehl's again, thanks ya!) Photo-proof of our pillows drawing....

Group photo with all the invited bloggers, Kiehl's personnel and not to forget the boys who bring the laughter to the event too... Adios and good night folks!!

Thanks Kiehl's for the invite and a BIG THANK YOU for the kind hospitality :)

Thank you Kiehl's for the wonderful goodie bag, and stay tune for my review on the fabulous duo, Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Midnight Recovery Eye.

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