Friday, June 8, 2012

CQ Ladies Night out at Aqua Nova

Attended the Clarke Quay Ladies Night Out with my good pals... I simply love 'ladies night' as we, ladies will enjoy a lot of privileges and priorities, as we are the KEY PEOPLE that night. Upon reaching Aqua Nova, the venue for Clarke Quay Ladies Night Out, we took a few pictures of the entrance...

We were served with a free flow of cocktails by Cointreau.

I was definitely enjoying my cocktail while cam-whoring with Sweetie, Andrew and Terence.

The interesting thing that caught everybody's attention was the temporary tattoo thingy... All the guys (Andrew, TZ and Terence) were crazy about it, OM! Even Sweetie showed an interest in that, and the four of them headed up to the booth and got their tattoos on.

As you can see, they are done with their preferred 'ang gong' on their arms, hands or even necks...

As for me, I was crazier about the manicure at that point, as there was a free express manicure session courtesy from Juup Nails.

Free makeover at the counter. No girls are going to resist the temptation of the colours from this luxurious brand, Burberry.

Delicious canapés was rendered to us all night long...

Carlo Rino was one of the partners for this event too... A wide showcase of their latest collection was displayed during the event.

Bobby Tonelli was the host of the night, and everybody in the house was eager for the fashion show, which featured apparel from Bebe and bags are from Carlo Rino.

We truly enjoyed our night at Aqua Nova... Thanks ELLE and CARLO RINO for the inviting us!!

I was attracted by this pink cocktail shaker that was displayed with all the pearls on the jewel box at the entrance, and there was a miniature bottle of Cointreau in it, a lovely and girlish collectible indeed!!

Thank you ELLE for the wonderful goodies bag!! Inside the goodies bag, you could find perfume vials and make-up samples from Burberry and etc...

I got my wish! The pink cocktail shaker with the miniature bottle of Cointreau was part of the goodies bag.... 

OMG! I was on cloud nine (:

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