Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sparkle up with Laneige Experience @ JCube

A lovely invite from Laneige that allowed me to experience their first boutique store in JCube and I received a 90-minute customized facial treatment.

Before I started my beauty session, I went for a short beauty consultation and skin analysis.

These were my results after the scanning. I achieved excellent hydration result (82%) for my eye area, and normal (63%) for my lip area, but my cheek is always very dry and the result was only 14%.
After my skin review, I was recommended to a hydration facial treatment for my skin type. Water Bank Series, Laneige's best seller skincare range was used for the whole facial process. The products aims to help the skin to have ample moisture in the skin, as dehydration will cause wrinkles to form. This range will prevent dryness and boost up the moisture levels for the skin. 
I was brought into this small cozy room for the facial treatment and I changed into the provided facial robe.

The facial therapist started off by removing my eye makeup and this was followed by a deep cleansing on my face with the Laneige Multi-Cleanser and Laniege Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel. Cleansing and exfoliation help to removes sebum and impurities and of course dead cells on the skin to provide more hydration and smoothing fine lines on the face.

The facial treatment does not included extraction as I was told that it will be a very relaxing facial session and they believed the unwanted bits of impurities like blackheads/whiteheads will be removed from the skin through the relaxing treatment instead of going through the painful process.

She gave me a really good neck and shoulder massage. It soothes my muscles and stimulates my senses at the same time too. The smell of the massage cream is so calming and aromatic. Ooh! I'm in love with the scent!

Mask-ing time! She placed the mask sheet on my face as a base and applied a very thick layer of mask cream to boost up my moisture levels. I felt the cooling sensation, when the cream was gradually spread on my face. While having the mask on, I was given a relaxing head massage. Thumbs up!!

Last but not least, she applied Laneige White Plus Renew Daily Protection Cream SPF36 PA++ and Laneige White Plus Renew Eye Protector (day care) SPF12 PA+ on my skin to target my dark spots after cleansing off the mask and toning my face with Power Essential Skin Refiner which was topped off by the award winning, Laneige Water Bank Essence.

My face after the treatment was noticeably more radiant and glowing and I felt that my skin is suppler and smoother. The results were pretty lasting, (coming to a week plus), and I definitely can see a significant improvement in my complexion. I am in awe with the Laneige Water Bank skincare range.

The session ended with a cup of hot tea and light refreshment (cupcake and macaroons).

I took a picture of the whole display range of the Laneige Water Bank, Be Waterful Always!!

Award-winning, Laneige Water Bank Essence.
 No.1 Global Best-seller, Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX

Latest product, Laneige Blackhead Melting Gel and Facial Strip was launched recently in stores. A pretty interesting and unique combo to combat blackheads...

Colours are BEAUTIFUL

Make-up from Laneige is also worth a mention.

I love lip glosses...

I was introduced to try on the Laneige Lip Treatment (stick) - Tinted Orange

It moisturizes my lips, leaving no wrinkled looking lips!. 

I am in awe with the 90-minute customized beauty session, ‘Sparkle up with the Laneige Experience’, now I have the courage to leave my house with my bare face.

Cam-whoring with my teal cupcake...

Stay tune for my giveaway for the essential kit from Laneige's signature Water Bank range!!

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