Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lunch @ Watami + Dinner @ Ah Orh = We love food!!

As a routine, Baby and I normally chat for awhile every night before we go to bed. We chat about everything under the sun, but I believe that most couples will be having the same kind of conversation like we do, eg: How's your day? Where shall we go for our meal? What to eat? What should we do on our weekend dates and etc...

So here I go, suggesting Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant at Raffles City to him for our random weekend lunchie... He agreed on my suggestion without thinking twice, as I think he was having the same craving as I do too. We REALLY MISS Tonkatsu Kimchi Nabe very much!!!

We ordered the Tonkatsu Kimchi Nabe which comes with a drink, a bowl of rice and a salad, and this is an on-going promotion during lunch hours. We made a bit of cost saving from that. The savory soup was as tasty as before, so no wonder this item is ranked in top position on our food list!

As per our normal routine, we always ordered 2 side dishes to complete our meal, but however we were sad to hear from the waiter that our favorite Gyu Tsukune (Hamburger Meat Balls with Eggs) was sold out. Oh well, it's unfortunate, but what to do, but I simply can’t forget the well-pan fried well-seasoned meat patties in my head! Luckily, one of our favorites, Teppan Bou Gyoza was available at the point when we did our orders. 

We enjoyed the Teppan Bou Gyoza very much, as the pan-fried gyoza was savory in the inside and crispy on the outside and they tasted even better with the provided dip sauce.

We ordered another side dish to replace the sold out item, we had Kani & Hotate Cream Croquette, deep fried crab meat and scallops. To our surprise, they tasted delicious indeed!!

The damage was SGD38.10. This is my lunch treat for him, in order to show my appreciation for the things he does for me as actions always speak louder than words...


Monday isn't too blue for me afterall all thanks to my Baby who brought me to Ah Orh Seafood Restaurant for dinner after our rough day at work. This eatery place bears a long history in Singapore, they started off their business at Ellenborough Market in New Bridge Road and moved to Bukit Merah in the 1990s when the market ceased operations.

As in all eatery places, there are 2 essential dip sauces served in every Teochew restaurants or eatery places, which are (1) Garlic and Vinegar with Chilli (2) Fermented Soya Bean Paste with Shredded Ginger.

We ordered their signature dish, Fried Oyster Omelette and the oysters are big, juicy and fresh.

The Claypot Fish Head is worth a mention too... The fish meat was fresh and tender, the soup was flavorful too.

The damage was SGD45. Ah Orh is a no-frills Teochew eatery... Thumbs up!!

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