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Diva Universal :Hot Guys Who Cook

DIVA Universal heats up the viewers with a feast for their eyes and appetites as DIVA Universal original brings to you up close and personal 18 of the hottest hunks from around Asia, ina television programme with over six episodes, named Hot Guys Who Cook.

Each week, in a half-hour episode that will sizzle with you, three hot guys will be cooking their own signature dishes within seven minutes and they will be bringing candid humour and fun into the making of quick meals. While slaving over a stove, the guys will also be talking about their endearing stories on themselves and of course, some personal experiences on cooking, which makes Hot Guys Who Cook a delicious series to watch.

With charming personalities and good looks, the hot guys will tantalize the senses of viewers, proving that cooking shows are not only just based on culinary skills or about Michelin-starred food, but also bringing the viewers closer to the hot guy's doings during off-screen segments.

Hot Guys Who Cook fulfills two guilty pleasures of women – handsome and delicious food and this will definitely leave audiences ravenous for more.

Hot Guys Who Cook premieres on 25 June, every Monday, at 9pm only on DIVA Universal (Starhub Channel 522). This is definitely an eye-candy show to awaken one’s appetite for greater entertainment.

Who are the hot guys that will be screening for this six episodes, Hot Guys Who Cook? They are Models Jason Godfrey, Drew Rivera and Victor Basa, Food Columnist Erwan Heusaff and Host Josiah Mizukami. and Henry Golding, Race Car Driver Alex Yoong, Ex-MTV VJ Utt, Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Peter Davis, Banker-Writer Redza Minhat and actors like George Young, Tom Price, Nat Ho, Paul Foster, Keagan Kang, Shane Mardjuki, Bobby Tonelli and Brendan Fernandez.

*scream* for my favorite hot guys!!! Who I am looking out for each episode:

Episode 1

Jason Godfrey is a Canadian-Filipino model turned TV presenter and currently he is based in Hong Kong.
Jason's dish: Man Moussaka

Episode 2

Bobby Tonelli is a gadget man at heart, the American actor/model turned Singapore DJ/actor. He was born in Las Vegas born and worked in London before but is now living in Singapore, he is definitely a man of many tastes.

Bobby's dish: Bob's Burger

Henry Golding is a former hair stylist and later began his hosting of Malaysian television programs. As the winner of ELLE Magazine's Host of the Year, he has merged his love for hosting and his passion for travel.

Henry's dish: Roasted Chicken

Episode 3

Heartthrob Tom Price is one of the Asia's most well known DJs, the Hong Kong born started spinning during his university days in Sydney and was also picked by Channel [V] to be one of the their VJs.
Tom's dish: Vegetarian Pizza

Episode 4

Utt grew up in California and returned home to his birth mother's home country, Thailand. From his early days as one of the MTV Asia’s well-known VJs, he has moved on to modeling, acting and he possesses one of the most famous personalities in the region.

Utt's dish: Pad Thai

Singaporean actor, model and host Paul Foster has claimed his fame through food shows. Having a British father and Chinese Mother, he burst onto the scene with Singapore reality television show, Food Bachelor, where he faced off against other hunks in cooking competitions.

Paul's dish: Indian Delight (Yellow Dahl, Sarg Paneer and Chicken Tikka)

Episode 5

The Australian star, Keagan Kang has found himself in comedy shows, dramas and even sci-fi fantasy serials. He has a talent in voice works for animation too.

Keagan's dish: Portuguese Mussels

Episode 6

The Singaporean actor, Nat Ho is a former contestant in the first season of Singapore Idol in 2004, he soon switched to acting and promptly became a household name in his home country, having acted in both English and Chinese drama serials. he recently just released his debut album, Unleashed this year.
Nat's dish: Potato Salad and Steak

George Young is a lawyer by trade, and is a half Greek, half Chinese model turned presenter/actor. He has graced television screens in Britain and across Asia. The Singapore-based artiste was recently seen hosting Singapore's Million Dollar Money Drop and is now having a busy schedule with two new Mandarin dramas and a new feature film project.

George's dish: Celebratory Wrap (Beef Steak Wrap)

Are my above picks making you drool over the hot guys and their dishes?? Hot Guys Who Cook is definitely an amazing show to look forward to every week starting from Monday, 25 June 2012.

I was honoured to be invited to attend the launch of DIVA's original production, Hot Guys Who Cook which was held at The Exchange, Asia Square Tower1.

Pardon me, if the pictures were lousy. Basically the trio of us went for the preview launch...

Jess Baby was smitten by all the gorgeous hunks featuring on the huge standee...

The Exchange provides a comfortable, high-end and simultaneously informal place to have breakfast, coffees, power lunches, languorous dinners and even after work drinks. This multi-layered concept of dining, lounge and bar is the ideal venue for any occasion.

Everyone in the house was eager to catch the sneak preview of Hot Guys Who Cook...

While-ing our time away by taking photos with Sweetie...

I love the long Chesterfield sofa which is part of the traditional design in The Exchange.

Cocktails were served throughout the whole event...

Let's toast up for this joyous event!!

Canapés were served to all guests in the house...

I followed @hotguyswhocook on twitter!! Have you guys done the same??

Catch a glimpse of Nat Ho and took a picture of him. He is very friendly in person and we chatted for quite a bit...

An appetiser announcement was made: Three hot guys will be cooking up a storm LIVE at the party. Truly a sneak preview for all of us in the house.

Without any further ado, the three guys were Henry Golding, Nat Ho and Paul Foster... *SCREAM and CHEERING for the hot guys in aprons.

Henry Golding whipped up his signature dish, Roasted Chicken right in front of all the guests and media people... Pretty skilful when doing the chopping and slicing job. A great example of all the modern guys who regards cooking just as serious as most ladies do. See photos for self-explanatory!!

Roasted Chicken was nicely done by Henry Golding

Good-looking Henry Golding and his looking good signature dish, Roasted Chicken

Nat Ho's mum is a great cook, therefore giving him an additional reason for him to stay at home for most of his meals if his schedules are not packed. As per him, his signature dish, Potato Salad with Steak comes from his mum's recipe. He did his cooking demonstration in a slow and steady manner, it was a pretty eye-opening experience for me to see him in an apron and whipping up a plate of delicious food.

Nat Ho presented his dish, Potato Salad with Steak in front of all cameras.

Nat Ho and his delicious dish... *Big applause to him*

With the most cooking experience among the three, Paul Foster did a pretty fast cooking demonstration for his signature dish, Indian Delight (Yellow Dahl, Sarg Paneer and Chicken Tikka). He also showed us a few methods to cook the dish. Based on the way he speaks, and via his actions, it shows us that he is pretty much a mentor when it comes to preparing food.

Paul Foster's used the least time to prepare his signature dish, Indian Delight (Yellow Dahl, Sarg Paneer and Chicken Tikka). The Chicken Tikka looked pretty good.

Paul Foster wins all the women hearts with his always cheerful and friendly smile... He looked great posing with his signature dish, Indian Delight (Yellow Dahl, Sarg Paneer and Chicken Tikka).

It was really a rare opportunity to see them doing LIVE cooking demonstration and we given a chance to taste the food later... It was truly a blissful night with all the people in the house and of course the three hot guys.

How can I call off my night without taking photos with the hot guys?

I tasted Nat's Potato Salad with Steak, OM!! It tasted very good, I simply can't help myself with more servings.

More servings coming up for Henry's Roasted Chicken... Sweetie and I enjoyed it loads!!

To see more gorgeous guys whipping up delicious dishes, stay tuned for Hot Guys Who Cook on DIVA Universal (Starhub Channel. 522), premieres on 25 June, every Monday, at 9pm.

Thanks DIVA Universal for the wonderful goodie bag!!


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