Saturday, June 16, 2012

Truly 100% indulgence at The Manhattan FISH MARKET on Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there!! The Manhattan FISH MARKET is extending their invitation to all fathers or even grandfathers to celebrate this happy occasion at The Manhattan FISH MARKET, as they strongly believe that all fathers deserve the same honor as much as all the mothers do.

A campaign, ‘All Things Cheeesy’ is still going on at The Manhattan FISH MARKET, therefore giving them another cheesy-licious reason for diners to celebrate Father’s Day on 17 June 2012 at The Manhattan FISH MARKET. On this very special day, fathers and even grandfathers who dine in with their respective families will be treated to a complimentary plate of Feeesh ‘n Cheeese worth S$13.90 with no minimum spending required at all!!

All that us needed is for someone from the family to verbally declare his or her love to the father and give him a big hearty hug in front of the The Manhattan FISH MARKET's waiting staff or affectionately known as the Sea-cret Agent when making the order. That's sound simple, isn't it?
Feeesh ‘n Cheeese
Credits to The Manhattan FISH MARKET

Apart from the Father’s Day free treat, The Manhattan FISH MARKET continues to pamper the diners with the all-yummy selection of dishes from the ‘All Things Cheeesy’ from now to 30 June 2012.
The Flaming Cheeese Platter that is S$37.90 aims to satisfy all their cheese lovers where every single delight found on the platter is carefully selected to complement the cheese!

Flaming Cheeese Platter
Credits to The Manhattan FISH MARKET

A host of scrumptious bites are available which range from the Grilled Chicken of Liberty which comprised of tender chicken breasts marinated in spices and flamed with flaming cheese sauce. Other choices range from the succulent and crispy Fried Calamari, the all-time favorite Fried Country Mushroom, the fried to golden perfection Fish Nuggets, Chips, Garlic Herb Rice and lastly, to Hot Veggies. All these are served with a big bowl of mouth-watering and yummy Chedder Cheese Sauce as the dip.
If this true-blue all-cheese platter aren’t enough to satisfy your craving for cheese, please be prepared to get spoilt by other choices which The Manhattan FISH MARKET has lined up the following tasty cheesy treats for all diners:
    Feesh ‘n Cheeese - the all-time hit Manhattan Fish ‘n Chips which is back on the menu due to popular demand for a limited period of time and it is served with a copious dollop of cheese on fries for S$13.90.
    Cheeese Nachos - share with your friends and family the crunchy tortilla chips served with an irre-fish-tible yummy cheese sauce for S$6.90.
Cheeese Fries – get it for S$3.90 if you can’t get enough of all things cheeesy.

Tuscan Tiramisu – deliciously made with cream cheese to round off a delightful meal for S$5.50.

This terrific offer is running till 30 June 2012... Sounds good isn't it, so hurry and round up your father, grandfather, family and friends to enjoy the smashing treats from ‘All Things Cheeesy’!

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