A day trip to Singapore Discovery Centre

As I mentioned previously on my last trip to Singapore Art Museum (SAM), my next destination would be the Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC). This is my first time to the SDC, though after completing the visit, I am convinced that this is mostly an educational spot or for school excursion! Honestly, I have never really been there at all or back then, but perhaps my school trips were not given consent or approval by my parents... Hahaha!!

Apart from the free admission to SDC, we were also given a pair of complimentary movie tickets - WA is for Wayang (2D).

I love learning new things as SDC offers a full range of educational programs for the children, teenagers and even working adults like us...

There is a funny interactive booth where you can learn the dance steps from different races... Both Baby and I selected the Hindi dance...

We had fun learning the dance steps...

We moved on to another segment, So Singapore, it shows the things we do and the words we say make us a uniquely Singaporean...

There are some lingo words we use commonly in our daily conversation like Kilat, Die Die, Shiok, Wah and etc...

Before we left SDC, we popped by to the 'Shiok! To be Singaporean' exhibition that is running from now till September 2013.
Every booth is so nostalgic and it brought us many fond memories... There were things that were commonly seen in Yesteryear Singapore from the 60's to the 90's, such as phone-cards and pagers!
I remember owning a pager when I was a teenager, because hand-phones were way too expensive to afford.
Textbooks for the Primary School students.

 Concession Bus Pass for students and Transitlink Farecard where we pressed and paid our bus fares upon boarding the bus...

Cassette Tapes

Another worth mentioning exhibit is the Sitcom booth where I spent my childhood and youth time watching sitcom on Channel 5 like Living with Lydia, Phua Chu Kang, Under One Roof, and now being an adult, I still do watch Channel 5 for 'The Noose'.

Baby impersonated as Phua Chu Kang and the role character’s favorite line: DON’T PLAY PLAY

At the coffee-shop, we locals tend to use the coffee-shop lingo to order our drinks, as you can see that there are so many different words when ordering be it coffee, tea or other drinks...

My favorite drink - TEH-O SIEW DAI (black tea without milk and less sugar)
Singlish is fun and it is pretty hard for non Singaporean to relate this unique lingo.

With just a simple word, 'CAN', using Singlish, we can relate so many meanings to it. The tone used on each line represents a meaning to it, so don't think adding 'lah' in each of your sentence means you are speaking Singlish or make you a Singaporean. Sadly, this doesn't make you Singlish at all. Please bear in mind, Singlish is something that only Singaporean can relate well to, and to learn this technique, it will take months if not years of staying in Singapore in order to communicate proficiently with the local with Singlish!

To round up my post, I urge fellow Singaporeans to drop by this amazing 'Shiok! To be Singaporean' exhibition at SDC. The display will be there only till September this year... Go lah!! FREE Admission leh!! Tak lugi nay.  


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