A fulfilled trip to Peranakan Museum

I made a trip down to the Peranakan Museum on a random weekend and explore the vibrant ethnic culture of Peranakan...

The Peranakan Museum showcases the world's finest and most comprehensive Peranakan collection in displays that trace the main episodes of Peranakan life.

Who are Peranakans?
For centuries, foreign merchants from countries like China, India were attracted to Southeast Asia's trade in fine products like textiles, spices and etc. Most returned home but some remained behind, and marry the local women. The descendents of these intermarriages are referred to as 'Peranakan' which means 'locally born' in Malay.
There are ten themed galleries showcasing the Peranakan life from cradle to grave which include the elaborate 12-day of Peranakan wedding, Peranakans in Singapore's history, as well as Peranakan's food and feasting.

The display of a wedding chamber is heavily decorated with ornate carvings of fertility symbols and colorful embroideries...

Chinese Peranakan Women also widely known as Nonyas are well-known for their skill in embroidery and beadwork.
We were given a glimpse of how modern-day Peranakans have evolved with their culture.

As we explored the galleries, we discovered many Peranakan family treasures...  
Take a trip to this vibrant museum and learn their unique traditions and I hereby end my post with a status of a late mascot of the Peranakan Museum...


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