LOL is back for Season 2 with more juicy and interesting topics, and Marcus AC will still be hosting the new season but he has a new partner this time and she is none other than Denise Tan from Gold 90.5FM. The talk show how covers everything under the sun and injects the audience with overloading laughter and fun.

It's been pretty long time since I went for a TV recording and I was very excited to be part of TOGGLE's latest season 2 of LOL. The key thing is ONLY THE LADIES CAN RSVP FOR THE TALK SHOW.
Refreshments by Dr Café were served and we mingled around the premises prior to the show recording, therefore we took some photos together.

The recording was held at Scape, Level 5, Sapphire Room, it was a new venue from the previous season's recording as per host Marcus AC. I have never been to level 5 of Scape and both Sweetie and I were pretty skeptical when taking the carpark lift up to level 5.

Upon stepping the recording area, I felt tensed up but the duo hosts were so professional in their hosting that they made the whole atmosphere relax and fun and with tons of laughter indeed!

Marcus AC is super friendly towards the audience and this made us feel like we are at home...

Denise Tan from Gold 90.5FM was having a casual chit chat with The Double Ds and SoniaC from FM987... The whole recording not only touches on the topics with the special guests, but they interacted with the audience too and crack us up with jokes. Truly 100% Entertainments!!
Fiji Water Singapore is one of the sponsors for the LOL2 Talk Show too... All of us were given a bottle each for our drinking pleasure, which included the entire recording guests and hosts.

Kudos to the everyone from LOL TOGGLE at recording area, be it the hosts, special guests or even the crew member, they made the whole show very natural and entertaining and I am REALLY glad to be part of the recording.

We moved on to the next segment was about fashion from Inverted Edge hosted Lifestyle Guru, Marcus AC.
Behind scenes of the filming...


Lastly, to be entertained by the star-rising singing group, Seyra, as they performed 2 songs for us...


At the end of the talk show, all audience was given a goodies bag, so why wait? You can be part of the LOL 2 Talk Show too, simple RSVP at http://www2.toggle.sg/lol/



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