Preview screening of Man in Tai Chi

It has been ages since I last won tickets from XINMSN, finally, after 11 months since my last winning, I won a pair of preview screening tickets for Man of Tai Chi.
--- Posters of Man of Tai Chi ---

In bustling Beijing, China, ambitious young chap, Tiger Chen Lin-Hu works as a courier in the day and after work, he takes the lead as the practitioner of martial arts who decide being fight in black market matches and seeking the spiritual mastery of the art.  

The action-paced contemporary drama movie which set in Beijing and Hong Kong, and the story tells a young martial artist struggles to maintain his traditional values and beliefs against the pressures of modern society.  
Hong Kong, police investigator, played by Karen Mok who works for crime unit OCTB, has run into a wall in her pursuit of Donaka Mark (starring Keanu Reeves). He is a powerful Hong Kong business-man who runs a secret underground fighting ring, who try to lure Tiger Chen with the promise of easy money and fame.

Man of Tai Chi is a fight film, nothing but pure and simple martial art, and Keanu Reeves marks his debut in a directing role. I feel the movie resembles to the Mortal Kombat (video game created in 2011). Keanu Reeves plays a villain in the show and Tiger Chen is the main lead in the show, Man of Tai Chi. 

 I love the fight scenes as they show the REAL CHINESE KINGFU and I also like the idea of having multi-languages in a film, as it contains 3 different languages which are English, Mandarin and Cantonese. It is a pleasant triple combo for me!!

I had the pleasure of watching the preview screening all thanks to XINMSN. The premiere date is on the 11 July 2013
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