[Media Conference + Party] ‘SHOCK THE WORLD 2013 TOUR’

Casio G-SHOCK held its 30 years of timepiece innovation with ‘SHOCK THE WORLD TOUR’ in Singapore. G-SHOCK celebrated its iconic timepiece’s 30th birthday with the highly anticipated ‘SHOCK THE WORLD 2013 TOUR’ across major cities worldwide including New York, Shanghai, Paris, Barcelona and etc…
‘SHOCK THE WORLD movement has brought together thousands of people since its inception in 2009 across continents and cultures to celebrate the brand and its legacy of trendsetting innovation in timepieces.

Upon registration, we, girls took photos at the photo-wall...
The host at the Media conference

 I attended the SHOCK THE WORLD Media Conference with Sweetie and Terence along with Yingzi, and we enjoyed every speech given by the guest speakers.

Kikuo Ibe, Research and Development Chief Engineer of Casio Japan, and he is also widely known as ‘Father of G-SHOCK’.

As per his speech given at the media conference, the start-off of G-SHOCK was to challenge conventional wisdom that a wrist watch always had to be handled with care. Each G-SHOCK watch is the perfect embodiment of the latest in shock resistance technology with cutting-edge design.

 I was pretty much entertained by the Creator of G-SHOCK, Mr Ibe’s presentation during the conference as he used illustrations to tell us the birth of G-SHOCK way back in 1983.

To mark G-SHOCK’s milestone 30th anniversary in Singapore, ‘SHOCK THE WORLD 2013 TOUR’ was held at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel – Resort World Singapore, and there was an exclusive collaboration between G-SHOCK and two of Singapore’s most talented designers.

The highlight of the event featured the unveiling of Limited Edition Stylized G-SHOCK Watches designed by local designer, Keith Png and design collective duo of Depression, Andrew Loh and Kenny Lim.

With the success of 30-year history, G-SHOCK remains committed to continue innovate and evolve more designs to excite the world.

The ‘SHOCK THE WORLD 2013 TOUR’in Singapore is mainly to share their joy and journey with fans of their 30 years of history in timepiece.

At the event premises, there was a line of showcases on the designs that have been created all over the 30 years...
Below were some of my favorite past designs from CASIO G-SHOCK


The phenomenal design was the FIRST CASIO G-SHOCK way back in 1983, without this pioneer creation, people would not be able to see G-SHOCK receiving many rave reviews and being recognised as an international label brand. 

The exclusive collaboration between G-SHOCK and local designers, Keith Png and Depression.

We stayed on for the party celebration which was held at the same venue as the Media Conference... We were given a wrist tag which resembles the G-SHOCK watch as recognition to enter the party. Free flow of beer and soft drinks were rendered to all party goers…

‘SHOCK THE WORLD 2013 TOUR' PARTY lined up a series of adrenaline-pumping performance by AOS Collective together with Beat-boxer, Dhani , Yohei Uchino, winner of last year G-SHOCK presents Real Toughness Dance Competition. Tsutomu Kitayama, the winner of Voodoo Jam 2013, UK Bboy Championship winner, 2goo and along with popular Malaysian Singer, Shi Xin Hui and local celebrity rapper, Sheikh Haikel.

We had a fun night of dance and music extravaganza at ‘SHOCK THE WORLD 2013 TOUR' PARTY.  

Between the two collaboration designs, I have a soft spot for Keith Png’s design, where although the design is simple, to me less is more. The watch looks glamourous in patent black and his undersign is at the bottom of the strap which makes the design look really classy. YAY!! I was glad to keep his design as being part of my daily accessory.

Thanks for the invitation!! I truly enjoyed myself in both the media conference and the party...


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