[Exclusive Preview] The LG Optimus G Pro

I was invited to the exclusive preview of The LG Optimus G Pro which was held at Patisserie G, Millennia Walk.
LG launched the Optimus G Pro early in July 2013, and it is the first smart-phone in Singapore with 5.5 inch FULL HD IPS display. The immersive FULL HD IPS display on the Optimus G Pro delivers a high resolution which gives users more screen size to view and to show off the brilliant images.  
Patisserie G is a tiny cafe that promises huge satisfaction, be it on the food taste or service wise, they are one of the top notch cafes in Singapore.


I was glad to be among the first few in Singapore to experience the brilliant LG Optimus G Pro at the private preview event. 
Premium 4G LTE smart-phone, LG Optimus G Pro has received the Best LTE Device/handset Award at the LTE World Summit 2013. It was held in Amsterdam from June 24-26. It is viewed as the world’s leading 4G event as it attracted 3000 attendees, and more than 250 guest speakers and more than 125 exhibitors.
This award comes in recognition of the device’s superior LTE capabilities, wide range of consumer-centric features, ease-of-use, seamless inter-device connectively and elegant design.  
LG Optimus G Pro provides Full HD IPS 5.5'' Screen Display with 400ppi which offers superior graphics, accurate colors, sharp texts and articulated images, and all these delivers an immersive experience. 
 Capture pictures with the 13MP Full HD rear-facing Camera for a brilliant detailed image. In addition, the front–facing 2.1MP Full HD Camera is perfect for video chats and self–portraits.

I was glad to hear that LG Optimus G Pro is recognized to receive this prestigious award, and I feel that LG Optimus G Pro deserves it too as it delivers speedy performance, unsurpassed picture quality and intuitive user-interface.
I love this sleek device that truly defines 'innovation'. The Optimus G Pro features an expansion screen with a comfortable one –hand grip, bold patterned appearance and lightweight body that fits perfectly in a pocket. 

The LG Optimus G Pro incorporates a number of LG’s world-class LTE technologies. The superior device also supports all LTE frequency bands, making the device compatible with any 4G LTE network in the world. LG Optimus G Pro provides the highest LTE data which enables the consumers to enjoy outstanding multimedia experiences.

Dual Recording / Dual Camera

Dual Camera / Recording allow users to capture pictures or videos with both the front and the rear cameras simultaneously, and it also ensures that you are part of the shot while capturing some wonderful moments with the picture-in-picture technology.

The LG Optimus G Pro also supports Vu Talk, a feature that allows you to share a real-time common whiteboard with a call partner...

We had fun sharing our handwritten notes complete with drawings with each other at the event.

QSlide 2.0 function helps users to overlay two different screens on one display and this allows one to do two things at the same time, such as sending a text message or search the web while the watching a video.

Smart Video recognizes the position of the viewer’s eyes and automatically plays or stops video without any manual input from the users all thanks to the advanced eye recognition technology.

The cool LED Lighting will outline the Home Button

The device has the ability to change the home button's LED lighting for different phone contacts in the phone.

LG Optimus G Pro is available in Singapore from early July at SGD868. Wireless charging dock and cover sold separately.    


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