[Singapore] The Phantom of the Opera: Gala Opening Night After-Party

I was so honored to be able to attend the Gala Opening Night of the the world’s most successful and longest-running show on Broadway, The Phantom of the Opera and the After-Party which we got to Meet 'n' Greet the casts! We mingled around with our favorite performers at the cocktail party.

I picked up the souvenir programme prior to entering the hall for the musical, and as I wanted to make my purchase more valuable and memorable, I decided to get the autographs from the casts whom I met at the party. 

During the private event, we refreshed up ourselves with some wines and some canapés after the play,which was provided to us. We also managed to satisfy our ‘phantom craving’, even though we have finished watching the play. We took some pictures with the banner to fulfil our desire...

Anthony Downing and Claire Lyon

The first performer I met was Anthony Downing, who played 'Raoul' in the play, and he is so friendly towards us and he looks really good too...

Next was Claire Lyon, she played the role of 'Christine' and she looks stunningly beautiful.Although she looks young, she plays very well and I love her voice very much.
Tina Walsh did a good job as in her role as 'Madame Giry', and off stage, she is cheerful in person... 

Lastly, everyone has been waiting patiently for him to join in the party , he is none other than 'The Phantom' played by Brad Little. 

He is very tall and manly, I simply can't imagine seeing him weep during the one of the acts, where he saw Christine and Raoul singing 'All I Ask of You’ together happily. That scene really breaks my heart, and this is the beginning of the tragic tale of the phantom.  

Apart from the main leads, I also got signatures from Andrea Creigton and Thabiso Masemene, who played 'Carlotta' and 'Piangi' respectively.

Now, my souvenir programme is REALLY memorable for keep-sake as it contains several signatures from the casts...

Thanks once again for the invite and I glad to be part of the Gala Opening Night and After-Party. I hereby wish success for the Phantom of the Opera in Singapore and hope that many people will enjoy it as much as I did.


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