A day out at River Safari

The River Safari is a river-themed zoo which is located between the Singapore Zoological Gardens and Night Safari, and it is mainly on freshwater attractions. The River Safari has 7 famous rivers in the world as it's theme, and we were about to explore them. the rivers are the Mississippi River, Mekong River, Yangtze River, Ganges River, Congo River, Murray River and lastly, River Nile. The 8th river which is the Amazon River is not yet opened to the public.

The main highlight attractions at the River Safari is the pair of male and female giant pandas – Kai Kai and Jia Jia which are housed in a specially constructed climate-controlled enclosure which change throughout the four seasons emulating their original environment.
Pardon me for this extremely out-dated post. All thanks to Sweetie as she extended her invites for both CF and I, and I am feeling excited, as it is my first visit to the River Safari and of course meeting up with the giant pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia.

The Ganges River is the River of Faith in India, Every year, there are millions of believers who shower in the Ganges River as they believe that the holy water can wash away their sins...

I took a photo with the Sacred Croc at the Ganges River zone...

Crab-eating Macaque was spotted at the River Safari too...

There is a 3-metre high aquarium exhibit boasting at the majestic Mekong River which is also known as the 'Mother of all Rivers'.

We experienced the charm of the Mekong at River Safari and got up close to some of the world’s largest freshwater animal species like the Mekong Giant Catfish and the Giant Freshwater Stingray.

Asia’s longest river and the world’s third longest, the Yangtze is also known as Chang Jiang meaning Long River. It is also the home of Singapore's very own giant pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia, which is located at the Yangtze River zone at the River Safari.

Yangtze River is China’s longest river, and we spotted a rarely seen Yangtze (Chinese) alligator.

After finished the journey and tour of the 7 rivers, we had come to the end of our river world trails, and we were about to enter the most exciting and most looked forward to attraction which is the Giant Panda Forest.   

After finished the journey of 7 rivers, we had come to the end of our river world trails, and we were about to enter the most exciting and looking-forward attraction which is the Giant Panda Forest.   

Upon stepping into the Giant Panda Forest, we were greeted by the adorable Red Panda, and it is kinda active as it kept running to and fro and climbed up and down the trees too... 


The state-of-the-art biodome designed and landscaped to simulate the giant pandas' natural habitat in the rugged highlands of China. The dome is kept at a cool temperature between +18-22C degree Celsius (their natural climate).
Welcome to Kai Kai’s lovingly crib

I was surprised as to why the two giant pandas were kept separated, as I thought they were here for a reason, which is to mate and make more baby pandas...
This is  Jia Jia’s lovingly nest

The two giant pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia are so lovely.

Panda Bun is a MUST–TRY at Mama Panda Kitchen
We had a enjoyable and delightful trip to the River Safari, and I will be back again with my Baby as he is eager to meet the giant duo too.  


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