[Product Review] Pearl from Pure Ocean - Rejuvenate and Whitening!

Putting on a facial mask sheet is a convenient way to improve skin condition and achieve good complexion. As a working adult, time is money, and I am pleased to use facial mask sheets as my weekly beauty regime. I use it twice a week and I always love how my skin feels after the mask-ing application.
And in this post, I will like to share my review on a latest product from SEXY LOOK, Pure Ocean Pearl Whitening 4D Duo Lifting Mask.
Sexy Look 4D Mask is innovatively designed with finest ingredients. The double lifting mask is now more elastic and soaked with 30ml of natural whitening essence to maximize the care power. 
Infused with natural whitening essence from pure ocean pearl, this mask helps to brighten up skin tone and Peppermint extract which keeps the skin calm and the Red Algae extract helps to detoxify the skin at the same time. 

Each Eco Pure Mask Sheet contains 30ml of luxurious essence.
I love the soft cotton mask sheet, as it settled comfortably on my skin and the ingredients are absorbed to the skin faster and effectively.
Leave the mask on for about 15-20 minutes, when removing the mask, gently pat your face to assist a full absorption, and lastly excess essence can also be massaged onto the neck area.
Using it regularly can prevent skin damage as well as slow down the aging process and improve overall skin health.  
My skin felt hydrated and brightened after mask-ing, and it glowed with radiance too. Ooh!! I love the goodness in this premium 4D mask, as my skin still feels supple the next morning. 
We can enjoy an effortless and pampering skincare indulges with Sexy Look 4D masks. Good skin starts from good care, so let Sexy Look 4D Duo Lifting Mask takes care of your skin.


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