Launch of Corona Mexican Bulldog

I had the pleasure of attending the Launch of Corona Mexican Bulldog which was held at No. 5 Emerald Hill all thanks to Yingzi...

We settled ourselves down at the bar counter, and we enjoyed the Corona beers while waiting for the party to get started. Salud!

I had a wonderful evening of Mexican fun where Mexican beer, Corona meets Mexican cocktail, Margarita for the very first time. We were about to witness the birth of this special and exotic cocktail. I simply can’t wait to say ’Halo’ to Corona Mexican Bulldog Cocktail.
The Brazilian drummers performance geared up the mood for party-ing and the samba dancers marked the launch party of the Corona Mexican Bulldog by putting up an amazing dance performance..

As the emcee of the night announced the launch of the Bulldog cocktail, the smoking cold ice Corona's Bulldog Cocktail was pushed out on a trolley by the samba dancers for the official launch of the Corona Mexican Bulldog.


The Corona Mexican Bulldog is a cocktail drink where we turn the bottle of Corona beer upside down and pour the contents into a glass of Frozen Margarita. Need not worry about if the beer will spill all over the place, as it will sink slowly into the Frozen Margarita. I took a sip of the cocktail and it is pretty light and tasted refreshing and addictive. 

The ingredients for the Corona Mexican Bulldog are Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime Juice, Salt and Corona.   

Ending my post with our group photo taken at the launch party, and I enjoyed my night very much. Gracias.


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