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Each and every one of us who are staying in this small dot in Singapore should help one another as in making Singapore a harmonious society. We play an important role in our daily lives even though you might think you are the most useless person in the world, you can still do something small or trivial to the society to make you worth living in this world… 
We have been hearing people say that to do something good for others, you will gain back some good deed in this present life. Many people believe in karma, so good karma will bring goodness in your next life, so similarity, what you are enjoying is what your previous life did… We can consider ourselves lucky in this present life as we are able to help others who need the physical help more than we do.
Now, Red Bull Singapore lets you enjoy good karma by sharing a good deed that you have done or witnessed others performed before in the Red Bull Good Deed Twitter Contest. 3 best ‘Good Deed’ tweets with the hashtag, #RedBullHeroes will be awarded with SGD150 cash and a Red Bull Hamper.
I joined the contest in twitter, and my Real Singapore Hero is my Baby, Kelvin Chew. The good deed that he did was Lost & Found. This is a basic good deed that most of us would have probably done before when we were in primary school, due to Civics and Moral Education Syllabus being introduced, as this is an essential foundation step for young children.  

As we can’t type/write a lot in a tweet as there is a limitation to it, my tweet was pretty simple in order to fit in the words limit requirement. Below is the full version...

Simply ‘LIKE’ Red Bull Singapore Facebook page >>> Red Bull ‘Herofy Yourself’ App and turn yourself to be a comic hero and nominate those who make a change to the world. The nomination period is running till 30 September 2013.  


This meaningful campaign is brought to you by Red Bull, an energy drink that improves concentration and revitalizes the body and mind. It can also stimulate mental and physical alertness as well as boosting the body’s stamina.  


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