Happy Chuseok ; Happy Korean Thanksgiving Day!!

The weather in Singapore remains hot as it is used to be a couple of months ago... Many Singaporeans (including me) is trying to adapt to the heat in our country, though Baby and I always say to each other 'why your country so hot huh?'
We decided to beat the heat by making our way to VivoCity to redeem our free scoop ice-cream from Ben & Jerry. We appreciated the icy sweet fix on the scorching afternoon...

We picked up a scoop of Clusterfluff (peanut butter ice-cream) and I had it in the cup form. It tasted yummy and so refreshing, and this is definitely a good way to beat the weather...

 I work in a Korean company, and to them, Chuseok also known as Korean Thanksgiving in English is the biggest and most important festive holidays of the year in Korea, as it is the time for family gathering and visiting ancestral graves. 
 Each and every employee in my company was given a gift box which consisted of Korean Traditional food that people eat during the Chuseok holiday. I was so glad to be a part of the Chuseok celebration.

 The Koreans celebrate Chuseok by making special food and one of the popular traditional foods is songpyeon, a Korean traditional rice cake which is stuffed with healthy ingredients.

Happy Chuseok ; Happy Korean Thanksgiving Day!!
Baby brought me to a new food haunt for our random weekend dinner, and it is called Buddy Hoagies Café & Grill which is located at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. It offers authentic and great tasting western cuisine in a unique country charm coupled with a casual and relaxed ambience.
We started off our meal with the Minestrone Soup with Garlic Bread... 

Baby had Western BBQ Chicken with Mashed Potato and Seasonal Greens, and I love the charred chicken meat as it tasted REALLY tender and delicious...

 I had Veggie Aglio Olio with Bacon, and my choice of pasta was Penne. My main course tasted yummy but it was too oily. The damage was minimal as it cost less than SGD25, and it is a decent meal overall.

Ending my post with Coco's day-out on a random Sunday morning...


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