[Food Review] Manhattan Star Platter

The Manhattan Star Platter is the newest special fresh creation from The Manhattan FISH MARKET. It is a delight for all seafood lovers like me...  
The platter is prepared in five methods - poached, grilled, flamed, baked and fried. Be pampered by the tastes and freshness of the seafood as you will be spoilt by choices as every method tasted delicious... I bet you will enjoy it as much as I did...
Poached Garlic Herb Mussels
The mussels are poached to preserve the moisture, juiciness and flavors, and it is served in the restaurant’s signature Garlic Herb sauce

 Grilled Calamari ; Fried Oysters

Flamed Manhattan Flaming Prawns

The service crew also known as Sea-cret Agents perform on-the-spot flaming to bring out the caramelized sweetness of the succulent prawns.

Mediterranean Baked Fish.
Another restaurant's favorite, the dory fillet is baked in an irresistible blend of flavorful spices and herbs in foil.

Among all the methods, my favorite has got to be the Mediterranean Baked Fish. It tasted flavorful + addictive, and it is definitely a good breakthrough dish for the restaurant. Splendid!!

All the five method of cooking were placed on the platter which is at SGD39.95 and it can be shared by 2 person... Be noted that Manhattan Star Platter is only available for dine-in at all outlets of The Manhattan FISH MARKET from now till the 31 October 2013.
Let's not to forget the mocktails at The Manhattan FISH MARKET! Do try out my personal favorite, Cala Cala. It is a refreshing drink with combination of Calamansi and Lemonade for a citrus fizzy experience.
I hereby end my food review with the Mushroom Soup. The texture of the soup was thick and the mushroom bits were chewy too. A great start up to welcome the main course.

Do try out the Manhattan Star Platter and give your verdict today.


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