Sunday, July 24, 2011

ANOSA Fit Patch

Received another product ANOSA Fit Patch through Beauty Bistro via Beauty DIY with Judy 老师.... The new formula comes with 105% sauna effect and new texture, ANOSA Fit Patch will help to flatten and tighten the abdomens, thighs and arms areas...

ANOSA Fit Patch generates moderate warmth to simulate the peristalsis for better absorption of nutrients and bowel movement, therefore toxin substances and water from the body will be drained away. It also works well to burn fat for slimmer body.

There are ingredients contained to target the areas with fat accumulated... With Raspberry and Strawberry extracts to help with tightening and firming up of the skin.

It comes in a translucent refreshing gel texture, with a pleasant and fresh strawberry fragrance. Suitable to use day & night and strictly no more than 8 hrs per usage.  

The patches are in generous sizes that can be cut into a few pieces before usage...

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I cut the patch into a few pieces and placed them on my belly and thighs areas... The results are not significantly obvious... I love the fragrance of this gel-based patch and it does not arise any irritation at all. I used them at night before heading for my beauty sleep, but after placing them on the targeted areas, it made me sweat little...

For more information about this product, please visit Beauty Bistro. Find them in Facebook or Twitter too :)

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