Saturday, July 2, 2011

Leader Clinic - Vita Whitebeam Essential Mask

Received 3 pieces of Vita Whitebeam Essential Mask Sheets recently from Serenity Allure...

Leaders Clinic is a very popular skincare company in Korea, and they are well known for their masks. 

What’s make the mask so special? It contains 1 Ampoule (concentrated essence) to nourish the skin. The texture of the mask - Silk Cellulose... This material is used to ensure that the essence will not be absorbed by the mask but by the skin.

~ My mask-ing job ~

The mask is soaked with all the best nutrients for the skin’s need...

With the help of Vitamin C, my face brightens up instantly and this mask effectively lightens my existing dark spots. After one–time usage, my skin feels nourished, supple and I look more radiant then before.

I love the Silk cellulose texture very much as my skin feels comfy when doing the mask-ing... The mask fits well on my face... The sheer thin material allows my skin to breathe better and penetrates the concentrated into my skin faster.

For more information on the Leaders Clinic Ampoule Masks, do visit SerenityAllure for more information. 'LIKE' Beauty Clinic in Facebook today for the latest news and promotions...

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