Sunday, July 3, 2011

MC HotDog - I love Taiwan Girls

Got a chance to see MC HOTDOG 'LIVE' in Singapore @ Club Avatar all thanks to Janet... She was so nice to reserve a pair of tickets for me...

MC HotDog was born in November 27, 1978… He is a Taiwanese rap artist known for his use of explicit lyrics in his songs. He is not a main-stream singer, as some consider his music are pretty gritty and contains a realistic picture of life that are claim not suitable for younger audiences.

In 2006, MC HotDog released an album - 'Wake Up', which contains the hit song "我愛台妹" (I Love Taiwan Girls). The track won Best Karaoke Song at the 2007 HITO Radio Music Awards.

The mini concert party was held @ the newly open club in town. Club Avatar – Asia’s Grandest Asian Fusion Dance Club.

Club Avatar is the latest addition to Singapore’s nightlife scene and it is centrally located in the heart of City Hall’s Marina Mandarin Hotel. Relax and indulge on the spacious dance floor and the plush VIP lounge areas.

Interior - Club Avatar’s dedication to luxurious entertainment is finely embodied in the state-of-the-art, baroque-inspired interior designs. You will yourself immersed in a realm of Greek gods and goddesses once you step your foot into this Asia’s most spectacular mega club.

All thanks to Janet, I managed to make my way to the Club without having to queue as the queue was really madness... The club was pretty empty when I was there, but unfortunately, I can't get a good view to sit cos all the seats / tables were under RESERVATION.

Redeemed my drink coupons while waiting for the concert to begin... Got a empty table near to the drink area but way far away from the main stage. Not long later, all the tables were all taken up... I was being blocked by all the ppl who were standing... The club was FULL. Hardly enough room to move around, just like sardine... OMG! MC HOTDOG is HOT!!!

This is the pix I took... Barely can see the stage... Sadly to say, I didn't manage to take any pictures of him, but all I say is... It was a blast! An 'earful' concert indeed.

Attached the youtube MV of his most popular song - "我愛台妹" (I Love Taiwan Girls).

 Enjoy folks...

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