Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Great place for beer lovers

Baby suggested White Dog Cafe for dinner, without second thought, I agreed to his suggestion immediately... There was a slight queue at the cafe, we waited for about 15miin before we got our seats...

When we got to our seats, we saw a table menu stand, stating the rock bottom prices for beer... OMG! It was insanely low-priced; we paid SGD5.50 for a tall glass of Erdinger... I believe that this will be our haunt for drinking session next time and of course if you are looking for some economical beers, do drop by there too J

We shared the Seafood with Tomato Broth... the soup was yummy!

Baby had Seafood Aglio Olio while I got myself a plate of Fish Fingers with Fries...

I forgotten the damage we had for this dinner + beer session, but what I remember is that we had a great time there that’s for sure!

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