Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Preview screening - Bridesmaids

My RSVP for the preview screening was confirmed by! Baby & I went for the preview screening of 'Bridesmaids'. Met up HP & William @ Shaw, Lido as they were going for the movie preview too...

--- Posters of Bridesmaids ---

'Bridesmaids' is a American comedy written by Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo, the plot revolves on Annie (played By Kristen Wiig) and her encounters as a maid of honor in Lilian's (starring Maya Rudolph) wedding. This movie marked the final appearance of Jill Clayburgh, (she played as Annie's mother in the movie) who died of leukemia in November 2010 before the film was released.

'Bridesmaids' is a pretty simple film... A female version of 'The Hangover' as both movies center on the wedding preparation.

Kristen Wiig is hilarious in the show, she has great talents as a comedian and she plays the emotional parts very well too... Almost all the scenes featuring her are very funny and I laughed my heart out.


It is a great movie with a little crude references in content but are hilarious, the only flaw about this movie is that it is draggy in the middle. Apart from that, I enjoyed the movie very much.  

I had the pleasure of watching the preview screening all thanks to The premiere date is on the 21 July 2011.

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