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Gastromania Feast @ Far East Square

A handful of bloggers have been invited to accept the food trails Challenge. The challenge is on to taste and completes 11 dishes at 9 stops within 4 hours!! I was very happy and proud to be part of the challenge, a BIG thank you to OMY!

Our 1st stop - Zhou's Kitchen
 Janet, the PIC explained the details before our challenge starts...

Bloggers @ work...

We were presented with the Pork Shank, their signature dish...
We were served with Zhou's Kitchen's signature dish, their Pork Shank... The meat was very tender and smooth...Although it is sinful and laden with fat/calories, I can't resist helping myself to more portions as it is also laden with collagen!

Two different types of "Mantou" were served as well, and I guess it was to be eaten with the savory gravy from the Pork Shank... Normally, I prefer fried Mantou, but in this case, both the fried and steamed Mantou went pretty well with the gravy.

 Big props to Zhou's Kitchen for the succulent and tender Pork Shank (With Fried/Steam Buns)... You can check them out at

 Our next stop was to SPRING Ju Chun Yuan!

As you can see from the pictures, the decor and ambience in Ju Chun Yuan is of a traditional Chinese setting and was rather grand... If you pass by the outlet, you will note that it even has a traditional chinese gate!

While awaiting for the food to arrive, we took the opportunity to do some cam-whoring.

 Nice table layout in the restaurant!

 Buddha Jumps Over the Wall

 We were told beforehand that we would be having Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, which is a personal fave of mine!! When it was served, my heart skipped a beat...

This traditional Chinese delicacy must have been the highlight of my day... The taste was superb and I've not have such good "Buddha Jumps Over the Wall" for a long time. Why, even the Shark's Fin was of high quality where it was chewy and you could actually bite into the fins!

 Xing Hwa Mee hoon

Our next dish was Xing Hwa Mee Hoon, which may look simple and plain, but do not be deceived by appearances as the taste was out of this world! The Mee Hoon was sinewy and delicious, and the ingredients within was very fresh.

 After the lavish meal, we were served with "Hua Cha", a refreshing tea to wash down our meal.
 I took a secret picture of the OMY team consuming their meal as well... Hahahaha!!
Thanks SPRING Ju Chun Yuan for the lavish and mouth-watering meal! Do find out more about them at

Our next destination and third stop, Garuda Padang Cuisine!

Although we've had quite a bit to eat already, all the bloggers including yours truly are still good and raring to go! Cheeze!!

Fried Chicken with Blue Ginger Floss 

 Perhaps I was slightly full already, but I was a bit disappointed with this dish... To elaborate, the meat on the fried chicken was really too oily for my liking, and it was slightly salty too. However, I enjoyed the taste of the blue ginger floss, which is pretty unique as you don't see it in conjunction with Fried Chicken normally...

Thanks Garuda Padang Cuisine for the sample! Visit them at

Our 4th stop and next restaurant, the Japanese Shin Kushiya!

We were given this drink - Yuzu cooler, which was refreshing and helped quenched our thirst due to the hot weather! 

 The following are specially made salt to go with the Yakitori we were about to have for our meal! What you are looking at are Curry Salt on the left, and Sour Plum Salt on the right...

The signature Yakitori on Skewers - Ebi Shiso Maki, Buta Bara Yaki Miso, Black pepper yakitori, tomato Maki. 

 We were given the following dessert as well, Kuro Goma Heaven.

Of all the Yakitori we were given, the one that stands out the most was the Tomato Maki... When I first bit into this yakitori, the taste was brilliant and the cooked juice from the Tomato was wonderful.

 Thanks and Arigato to Shin Kushiya for the wonderful Yakitori and Dessert! You can view their webbie here

 Next, our fifth stop, Italian! Mont Calzone Pizza & Pasta!

Just another pic of cam-whoring! 

A cup of Chamomile Tea to wash away all the oil and assist in digestion!

We were served the following :- 
 Rustica Pizza

 Sambal Marinara Pasta

 Parma Ham with Rucola Pasta

 Smoked Salmon Pizza


Black Truffle Pizza

Thanks Mont Calzone for the interesting pizzas & pastas. Visit

Our next stop, MIRCHI :)

We were served with this welcome drink, which was very milky and thick in texture... I didn't like this drink too much, as the taste of milk tended to linger on my taste-buds for long, and it didn't help as well that I'm not particularly fond of milk. 

 Tandoori Platter

I'm not fond of Indian Cuisine in general, so I best refrain from commenting too much on this particular dish... But if you like Indian Cuisine, some of the other bloggers felt that this dish was quite good.

As MIRCHI is part of the ''Harry's'' group of pubs/bars, you can check it out at Harry's website

 The very next stop, Hock Lam Beef

The Original mixed beef kway teow with soup was exceedingly good! The beef was very tender and the soup was savoury as well as tasty... This deserves particular praise on my part... I give it a thumbs up! 

Thanks Hock Lam Beef for the tasting, and yes, they too do have a website you can check out at

 Our next stop, for desserts! Oni Cupcakes!

These colorful mini cupcakes lit up our palate and mood to have some-more food, as we had been eating alot by this point...

Thanks Oni Cupcakes, and remember, if you like colorful and sweet desserts/cupcakes, do check out

The final stop was supposed to be Queen's HK Bubble Tea Cafe, but for some reason, it was closed, hence we could not have to chance to try the Royal Queens Bubble Tea.

I had a really wonderful Gastromania Feast @ Far East Square. Many thanks to OMY for organizing this event, and much appreciation to all the participating outlets for the sampling of food!

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