Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kotex Media Launch Event

Attended the Media Launch of Kotex Fresh Plus Liner with Lynn @ Beauty Emporium - Dempsey Road...

For decades, KOTEX has introduced innovation after innovation as a result of their intimate understanding of women’s bodies and the lifestyles that women are leading today. Their innovations come from their desire to not only satisfy the needs of today’s women but also to inspire them with new ways on how to protect and care for their bodies.

I was so happy that I can join the V-zone Revolution to witness the birth of the Kotex Fresh Plus Liners... Thanks Cozycot & Kotex!

~ The interior of the beauty parlour ~

~ 1st Ever Range of liners clinically proven to help protect the V-Zone ~

Kotex Fresh Plus Liner range revolutionizes the way women take care of themselves... A series of new premium liners are the first ever to be scientifically proven to help offer protection from bacteria, allergies and irritations.

Kotex Fresh Plus Ultra V-Care – 1st Ever Bacteria Control

Inhibit the growth of yeast and bad bacteria,
Provide protection as you move.
Allows for air circulation around your V-zone.

Kotex Fresh Plus Gentle Care – 1st Ever Gentle Care

PH Balance to match body’s natural pH level, and against allergies and irritation.
Provide protection as you move.
Allows for air circulation around your V-zone.

Kotex Fresh Plus Designs – 1st Ever Designs on Liners

Attractive colourful designs.
Contains mild and natural scent to help soothe your senses.
Provide protection as you move.
Allows for air circulation around your V-zone.

A handful of blogger and media people were mingling around with some refreshments.

Cam-whoring while having our food...
The refreshment spread for all invitees.

The presentation started with a opening speech and a slide show...

Ultra V-Care is the first ever premium liners to be clinically proven to help inhibit the growth of yeast and some bad bacteria while Gentle Care is the first pH balanced liner in South East Asia that is also dermatologically tested to help prevent allergies and irritation. Adding on to the range is Fresh Plus Designs, liners featuring colourful designs inspired by nature. With a mild and natural scent to help soothe the senses, these liners not only keep the V-Zone feeling clean and dry but are also designed to keep women feeling fresh all day long.

Kotex Fresh Plus Liners allow flexibility in movement and the breathable baffle which encourages air circulation around the V-Zone.

The Ultra V-Care is ideal for women seeking greater protection against infections, having been tested to successfully to inhibit the growth of yeast and some bad bacteria.

Yeast infection is pretty common among women, a good V-Zone care is essential to a woman’s complete well being, which is why these innovations will make Kotex Fresh Plus Liners an indispensable part in the daily health routine.

Women with a more sensitive skin can opt for Gentle Care, which is pH balanced and dermatologically tested to help prevent allergies and irritations.

There was an interesting segment by Kayle Duke, a fitness expert and Group Exercise Manager from California Fitness who gave a 20-mins morning pilates lesson... I felt more fresher after the stretching exercise... Hahaha!

 There was an up-close and personal interview with Ginette Chiitick, brand ambassador and user of Kotex Fresh Plus Liner, together with her were Heath and fitness expert, Kayla Duke and Gynaecologist and Urogynaecologist, Dr Christopher Chong.

They shared their experience of this whole new series - Kotex Fresh Plus Liners

Ginette Chittick - Thin and comfortable and enjoy the feeling of cleanliness. Kotex Fresh Plus Gentle Care Liners, protects her skin throughout the wearing with the pH balance feature. The best part – Kotex Fresh Plus Liners complements her fashion sense and don’t show through her skinny jeans and tights.

 Kayla Duke – She was pleased by her experience with Kotex Fresh Plus Liners. With her active lifestyle and her long hours in the gym, Kotex Fresh Plus Ultra V-Care, keeping her fresh and clean throughout her dance and fitness routines.

As a medical person, Dr Christopher Chong advises that V-Zone is vulnerable to bacteria and yeast infections, that why women should keep area clean and dry. Using panty liners, feminine wash or wipes may help women who face these problems.
Kotex presented my wellness regime – V-zone kit before we made our exit from the event venue...
Cotton Panties – Allows good ventilation, absorbs well light perspiration and prevents irritation to V-zone area. Kotex Fresh Plus Liners stick well on them :)

A packet of Kotex Fresh Plus Ultra V-Care – Protects against infections, helps to inhibit growth of yeast and some bad bacteria.

A packet of Kotex Fresh Plus Gentle Care – The first ever pH balanced liner in S.E.A which helps to maintain a balanced pH and dermatological tested against skin allergies and irritation

A packet of Kotex Fresh Plus Design – Brighten up the day with the colorful designs with natural Aloe Vera scent.

Use feminine wipes daily to keep the V-zone area clean and fresh all time.

Lastly, the Yeast Infection Screening Kit for self-check if facing any abnormal discharge before consulting the doctor.

Lastly, my tiny corner about my experience with Kotex Fresh Plus Liner... I have a soft spot for gentle care series, as my V-zone is rather sensitive...

With these dermatologically tested liners, it gives me the assurance that my skin will be well protected by the pH balanced level.... Through this event, I picked up alot of useful information on choosing a right and suitable product without interrupting my daily lifestyle.

Protect and care your body today, Take the wellness Meter Quiz
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